What is the Best Way to Stop Severe Sleep Apnea?

What is the Best Way to Stop Severe Sleep Apnea? Stop Severe Sleep Apnea - The Deadly Sleep Apnea and Snoring Consequences - Snoring and even sleep apnea have long been considered as draining annoyances. But according to a new study published in the journal BMC Medicine, they can actually be lethal. It can actually increase your risk of dying from this by a scary 123%.


Stop Severe Sleep Apnea – The Deadly Sleep Apnea and Snoring Consequences


Snoring and even sleep apnea have long been considered as draining annoyances. But according to a new study published in the journal BMC Medicine, they can actually be lethal.


It can actually increase your risk of dying from this by a scary 123%.


And the reason these conditions are so dangerous are not just because they lead to obesity, high blood pressure and other serious diseases.

It’s something much more serious than that.


People who are sleep deprived, either by insomnia or sleep apnea, are often aware that they are sleepy during the day. But when the long lasting sleepiness reaches a certain level, the awareness of it declines, probably because it begins to feel normal.


The question is, after you stop feeling tired, is your attention normal or are you a ticking time bomb ready to go off?


To find out, the researchers collected the medical information of 1,745 men and 1,456 women from the previously conducted Sleep Heart Health Study. This information included sleep apnea scores and the nightly sleep duration of the participants.


After two years, they gave these people a questionnaire to find out about their driving habits and motor vehicle crash histories.


Compared with those with no sleep apnea, those with severe and mild-to-moderate sleep apnea were more likely to have been in a road accident, which was often a 123% more in severe cases and 13% more in mild-to-moderate cases.


Compared with people who slept seven hours per night, those who managed only six hours were 33% more likely to have been in a motor vehicle crash.


When testing for people’s awareness of daytime sleepiness, they found that this was not relevant at all.


Just as high percentage of people who felt properly awake (but were actually sleep deprived) had car accident as those who felt fatigued.


Thinking of the 1.250.000 deaths every year in car accidents and you’ll realize just how serious a 123% increase in car accident risk is.


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Stop Severe Sleep Apnea – This Sport Causes Snoring and Sleep Apnea


Sports are supposed to make you healthy. And being overweight and unhealthy is considered one of the main causes of snoring and sleep apnea.


But one type of collage sport drastically increases the risk of sleep apnea. Especially after you stop school and stop playing.


What’s more, it’s true for those who’re considered fit and healthy.


Researchers from the University of North Carolina studied sleep apnea risks in college football players, since they are at an age when sleep apnea is very rare. Their study appeared in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation.


They recruited 21 lineman and 22 track athletes between the ages 18 and 22, all equally fit and working out equally hard every day.


They put them through medical tests that included measurements of waist circumference, neck circumference, body fat percentage, body mass index, blood pressure, Tonsil Size, and distance between tongue and roof of the mouth (the Mallampati Index). They were also given surveys on sleep quality.


Compared with the track athletes, the lineman reported poor sleep quality and efficiency and disrupted breathing during the night.


In addition, all their medical data placed them well above the clinical predictors of sleep apnea risk, something that was not the case for track athletes.


On average, they had a neck circumference of 45 cm, a waist circumference of 107.07 cm, a body mass index of 36.64 kgm2, and a body fat percentage of 30.19 percent.


Most importantly, those of the study volunteers who reported the worst sleep were also the ones with the highest neck circumference, body fat percent, body mass index, and systolic blood pressure, showing that they may already be on their way to full-blown sleep apnea.


There are two reasons why this is important.


Firstly and most directly, it shows that bulking up with muscle poses the same risks as bulking up with fat, even in young and very fit people.


Secondly, it emphasizes that those who bulk up to play college sport should cut their daily calorie intake when they leave college and exercise less.


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Stop Severe Sleep Apnea – Sleep Apnea Destroys One Gender’s Brains Faster than the Other’s


Scientists have previously found that sleep apnea causes physical brain damage in the form of a thinning of the cerebral cortex (gray matter).


But a new study from the University of California at Los Angeles reveals that one gender suffers worse cognitive defects as a result than the other.


Researchers recruited 36 men and 12 women who had been diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea, and 40 men and 22 women without this condition.


They first gave their subjects high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging scans to examine the condition of their brains, followed by cognitive and psychological tests to assess their level of functioning.


They found that the cerebral cortex in the brains of people with sleep apnea was thinner than in those without the sleep disorder. In fact, this association was so strong that not one of the sleep apnea sufferers had a thick cerebral cortex.


The cerebral cortex is the part of your brain that is normally called the gray matter. It covers the parts of your brain called the cerebrum and the cerebellum.


Most information processing occurs in your cerebral cortex, especially the part that covers the cerebrum, as this is the most advanced part of your brain responsible for thinking, sensing, and language.


Your frontal lobes, parietal lobes, temporal lobes, and occipital lobes are all part of the cerebral cortex and these are the places where your intelligence, your personality, your motor actions, your planning ability, your sensations, and your language understanding and production occur.


In other words, almost everything you are and do arise from your cerebral cortex, so you can see why a thinning of this vital part of your brain because of sleep apnea disrupts your life so much.


In this study, those people with the worst sleep apnea had the thinnest cerebral cortices.


Women who suffered sleep apnea had worse cognitive functioning than men. For some unexplained reason, women’s brains suffered deterioration in more regions of their superior frontal lobes than was the case for men.


The superior frontal lobe is where a lot of your thinking and intelligence happen.


But it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. If you have sleep apnea (and if you snore loud, most likely you do), it’s essential to heal it before it makes more damage.


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