Are There Really Direct Link Between Cholesterol Level and Death?

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Cholesterol level has long been almost equalled to heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular death risks.


But, a new study in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology proves this completely wrong.


It’s actually another fat found in your blood stream that matters. And unlike cholesterol, you want this fat level to be as high as possible.


Researchers used 2,500 children of the participants of the original Framingham study that started in 1948. They were all around 66 years old and free of cardiovascular disease at the beginning of the study.


Their blood was tested for both cholesterol and omega-3 and they were then followed to see which of them would die by age 73.


Interestingly, the researchers could not pick up a relationship between cholesterol level and death, not even death from cardiovascular causes.


Those with high cholesterol level and those with low cholesterol level died in approximately the same numbers and suffered the same number of cardiovascular events.


People with high omega-3, were on the other hand 34% less likely to die of any cause and were 39% less likely to suffer a cardiovascular event like a stroke.


Oddly, omega-3 seemed to have the strongest influence on whether people would die of non-cancer, non-cardiovascular disease causes, showing that omega-3 has health effects that go far beyond cardiovascular health.


So instead of measuring our total cholesterol, doctors should rather measure our total omega-3 levels if they want to know how healthy we are.


So why is this so?


You see, omega-3 is the number one destroyer of inflammation and oxidization. And it’s especially powerful to fight off oxidized cholesterol.


And oxidized cholesterol is the only type that builds up as plaque in your heart arteries.


Watch this Video – What is a Normal Cholesterol Level?

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