How to Get Over Shyness – The One Mistake Most Shy People Make

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Do you really want to know how to get rid of shyness? Are you prepared to forget everything you thought you knew about being less shy and replace it with the truth? Then read on.

The one biggest mistake I see shy people making is being controlled by their emotions. Nearly all shy people make this basic mistake.

If you avoid people who make you feel shy, then you are being controlled by your emotions.

If you avoid public speaking because it makes you feel anxious, you are being controlled by your emotions.

If you don’t do something just because it makes you feel nervous or afraid, then you are being controlled by your emotions.

I hate to repeat myself, but this is an absolutely essential point. In order to get over your shyness, you have to become less controlled by your emotions. This doesn’t mean to suppress your emotions, it simply means to act in spite of them. Mark Twain was the one who said “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it.”

That is the ability you need to build if you want to overcome your shyness. You have to have the ability to act in spite of feeling a certain emotion. This means that if you feel afraid to do something, you do it anyway. Act in spite of fear.

  • If you raise your hand in class even though it makes you nervous, you are acting in spite of fear.
  • If you talk to people even though they make you feel shy, then you’re no longer being controlled by your emotions.
  • If you talk to groups and make public presentations, then you are the one in charge now, not your fear.

Once you start acting in spite of fear, you will become more relaxed and easygoing in situations which used to make you nervous and shy. When you stop avoiding your fears, you allow your mind to desensitize to them. In psychology, this is also called habituation.

This approach is very common for therapists to use on someone with social anxiety. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, the “behavioral” part is acting in spite of fear. Of course, many shy people can’t or are not able to simply “face their fears.”

This is why changes to your thinking are also a necessary part of getting over shyness. That’s the cognitive part of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

“Am I Shy?”… These 4 Shyness Tests Will Show You

Are you not really sure if you are shy? Are you looking for an online shyness test or shyness quiz? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I’ve found the top shyness tests online and reviewed them to see how effective they are. I found many quizzes online that were not accurate or just put up as a joke, so this post will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to answering the question, “Am I shy?”

The first two tests were developed by people who have official credentials — licensed psychologists in the area of shyness. The third test has to do with love-shyness, a special form of extreme shyness that applies only to men around the opposite sex. The last one is a fun short quiz that I found happened to give weirdly accurate results.

1. The Henderson/Zimbardo Shyness Questionnaire

This test was developed in part by Philip Zimbardo, who has been a psychology professor at Stanford University and written several bestselling books on shyness.

2. Carducci Shyness Test

Bernardo Carducci is another psychology professor and Director of the Shyness Research Institute. He has written 3 books on shyness, including “Shyness: A Bold New Approach.”

3. The Gilmartin Love-Shyness Test

This test was developed by a famous author, Dr. Brian Gilmartin. Be warned, this test is only for guys to find if they have “love-shyness,” which is an extreme case of shyness around women.

4. Quiztron: Are You Shy? How Shy?

This quiz is short and fun. It’s not scientific, but for some reason it’s scarily accurate.

For more tips to get over shyness, watch this video – 13 Things Confident People DON’T Do

Truth be told, you probably don’t even need a test to know if you’re shy or not. If you’re looking for one, then you probably are.

So, the question is, what can you do to get over shyness? If you need further help,

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By Sean W Cooper, the author of The Shyness and Social Anxiety System, is an ex-sufferer from social anxiety and shyness. This program is a compilation of his research and effort in overcoming shyness and anxiety.

Sean W Cooper’s Shyness and Anxiety system is a step by step audio course broken down into modules that are easy to access. It teaches you ways to start overcoming your social anxiety and self-doubt. The system utilises cognitive behavioural therapy which explores how feelings and thoughts can drive behaviour. 

The Shyness and Social Anxiety system is endorsed by professionals and praised by psychologists due to the way it provides the relevant skills to manage issues of shyness and social anxiety.

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