Revealing Here the Top 3 Impetigo Home Remedies

Here is a list of some useful Impetigo home remedies that you can begin using right away to cure Impetigo in days. Read on here to find out more.


If you’re looking for Impetigo Home Remedies, you’ve come to the right place.


Impetigo is not a fun or exciting infection to get.  It is most commonly experienced in children, but adults can get it as well.  Your condition can range from being mild to quite severe, depending on the location of the body and your body’s immune system.


Either way, it is extremely important to begin treating the infection as soon as possible with the best Impetigo home remedies.  I believe in a natural approach to treat Impetigo, as taking drugs, antibiotics or chemical lotions can be quite harmful for your body.


I’ve compiled for a you a list of some useful Impetigo home remedies that you can begin using right away to cure Impetigo in days.


1) Colloidal Silver


One of the most beneficial Impetigo home remedies is colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver has been around for many years and was previously used as a natural antibiotic.  It is effective in helping the body fight off the harmful bacteria that is causing your Impetigo rash.  You can buy colloidal silver at a local health foods store, and only require small amounts.


2) Probiotics


Probiotics are GOOD bacteria that your body naturally has, which fights off infection and the “bad” bacteria.  In this case, the “bad bacteria” is causing your Impetigo infection.  To fight it off, you require probiotics or “friendly flora” in order for your body to naturally heal the infection and rid the bad bacteria from the body.


3) Honey


A lot of people enjoy using Honey as one of the Impetigo home remedies.  You will want to make sure you are using natural, organic Honey (nothing too processed).  Just smear a thin layer over your skin and leave it on for a while.  This should help with the itchiness and healing.


Try out these three Impetigo Home Remedies.  It is important to take gentle care of the infected skin while it is covered in blisters and sores.  The reason is that you don’t want any of the blisters or sores to turn into scars or get much worse.


My recommendation is to use a combination of effective Impetigo Home Remedies for the fastest and safest treatment of Impetigo.


For more impetigo home remedies ideas, watch this video – 9 Natural Impetigo Treatments

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