What is the Best Way to Treat Dry and Itchy Scalp?

What is the Best Way to Treat Dry and Itchy Scalp? Are you looking for ways to treat dry and itchy scalp? If you do, read on to find out how Mia Wadsworth can help you by providing powerful home remedies and dry itchy scalp treatments so that you can regain confidence and have beautiful shiny hair.


Your dandruff may be a bummer, but it’s harmless to your health.


Dandruff is a “cosmetic” problem, says New York dermatologist Michele Green, MD. “It will not cause anything bad.”


No one knows precisely what causes dandruff, though a fungus called malassezia may play a role. It’s normal to have malassezia on your skin. Too much of it, though, is linked to dandruff.


These are some of the common reasons your scalp can get dry and itchy:


Seborrheic dermatitis (or seborrhea): This common skin condition causes redness, itching, and flaking. It can occur on many parts of the body. When it affects the scalp, it’s called dandruff. It’s treatable. Most often, over-the-counter medicated shampoos will stop the flakes from falling. More stubborn cases will likely benefit from prescription-strength shampoos and steroid creams.


Scalp psoriasis can cause dandruff-like itching and flaking. Psoriasis happens when the immune system triggers too many skin cells to grow on various parts of the body. That can include your scalp. People with psoriasis may be more likely to get dandruff, but psoriasis is not dandruff.


Eczema. This skin condition can make your scalp itchy and flaky. It’s most common in babies and children, but anyone can get it. The cause is unknown. Moisturizers and prescription steroid creams can help relieve the symptoms, as can avoiding harsh soaps and scratching. It also helps to avoid stress whenever possible.


Certain diseases, such as Parkinson’s and HIV, have also been linked to dandruff. People with these diseases have higher rates of dandruff, says Heather Onoday, RN. She’s a nurse practitioner who specializes in dermatology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Ore. Having dandruff doesn’t make either of those diseases more likely, though.


A poor diet also has been suggested as a culprit, although Green says there’s no proven link. Jeffrey Benabio, MD, agrees.


“We may see associations but we can’t say that, for example, vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight in winter causes dandruff,” says Benabio, a dermatologist with Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.

Eat a well-rounded diet for your overall health. A dry scalp doesn’t mean you’re lacking any particular nutrient, though.


3 Things That Can Make Dandruff Worse


These things don’t cause dandruff, but they worsen it if you already have it:


  1. Not washing your hair often enough. “That’s the simplest reason,” Green says. “It should be washed every day or every other day.”


  1. Stress makes everything worse,” Green says. Stress happens, so what really matters is how you respond to it.


  1. The season. “It’s always worse during the winter, when it’s really cold out and overheated indoors,” Green says.




  • Make sure to wash the oil out of your hair thoroughly. Leaving it in can cause it to smell. Plus, it makes your hair look greasy


  • Baking soda is also great for treating a dry scalp, dandruff, fungus on the scalp and makes a great clarifying shampoo. Just mix 1 tablespoon with enough water to make a paste and then use for your normal shampoo.


  • Always visit a dermatologist or your doctor if you are experiencing scalp problems.




If the white specks in your hair don’t go away, it may be a sign of lice. You should seek more advanced treatment in this case.


To find out more ideas on how to treat dry and itchy scalp, watch this video – HOW TO TREAT AN ITCHY SCALP | RisasRizos

This article is written by Mia Wadsworth. Mia Wadsworth who founded DryItchyScalpRemedies.com to help hundreds of sufferers of Itchy Scalp, Dry Scalp, dandruff & other scalp conditions relieve & eliminate their condition fast & permanently. After curing her own painful condition using her own remedy for dry itchy scalp, Mia now helps sufferers learn what causes itchy scalp, other scalp infections & how to use powerful home remedies & dry itchy scalp treatments to regain confidence & beautiful shiny hair.


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