Revealing Here – How to Treat Eye Floaters Holistically?

Revealing Here – How to Treat Eye Floaters Holistically? Treat Eye Floaters Holistically - This involves nutritional and lifestyle modification together with a natural supplementation regimen. Read on here to find out more.


Treat Eye Floaters Holistically – Locating an Eye Floater

Eye floaters can occur in many shapes, numbers and densities. Indeed, it is believed that the pattern of a person’s eye floaters is unique to them, much like a fingerprint. When you go to doctors, they may have trouble locating the eye floaters with their instrumentation; however, with your help they can correctly locate it and diagnose it properly.


The shape and clarity of an eye floater will depend a lot on its position within the eyeball. If your floaters look hazy and the edges are not well-defined, than it is likely that the floaters are either close to the lens or near the center of the eyeball. When the floaters are at these locations, light coming in through the lens and past the floater will cast a shadow on the retina, and this shadow is actually what you are seeing (and not the floater itself).


On the other hand, if you can see your floaters clearly, with edges that are very well-defined, than it is likely that your floaters are found just off the retina. With these kind of floaters, the light won’t have time to diffuse after passing through the floater and before touching the retina.


Therefore, by simply describing well your perception of eye floaters, you can help your doctor make a good diagnosis on the type and location of the floaters. Unfortunately, even with an accurate description of the eye floaters, your doctor may not always be able to detect them.


This difficulty in properly diagnosing eye floaters can cause doctors to give the wrong recommendation when it comes to treatment. For example, if the doctor thinks that the floaters are in the middle of the eye, a particular type of surgery (e.g. laser removal) may be recommended. However, if the floaters turn out to be close to the retina, some types of surgery may be totally inappropriate.


Proper diagnosis of eye floaters can be especially problematic in young people, because the vitreous humor is usually in better condition than that of older people. This can make the floaters harder to detect with medical instrumentations.


However, even though medical detection is not always accurate or particularly useful, you should always seek out medical advice when you first develop eye floaters and also in the event that they suddenly change in number or density.


Although most of the time eye floaters are benign, they can also be a symptom of a very serious condition, such as a retinal tear. A doctor will be able to detect this and will give you the urgent medical treatment that such a case would warrant.


Treat Eye Floaters Holistically – Get Rid of Eye Floaters

If you suffer from eye floaters, then you know very well how annoying and irritating they can be. They are particularly visible under bright light conditions, and can be very problematic while driving.


Eye floaters vary in manifestation – they can be seen as dots, lines or cobwebs, may be dark or semi-transparent, and number from one to hundreds. So, how can you get rid of eye floaters?


Basically, you have three options.


Do nothing


It’s unfortunate, but most doctors will tell you to learn to live with eye floaters. It is true that you can get used to eye floaters, as the optic nerves adapt to them and start ignoring their presence. However, there is a tendency for eye floaters to increase with age, both in number and in density.


Although a small percentage of people report that their floaters went away on their own, most say that floaters just keep getting worse. You may try to ignore them at first, but if they don’t get any better, you should consider an alternate option.




The second option is surgery, either laser surgery or vitrectomy. Laser surgery involves the burning up of individual eye floater particles with a YAG laser. This procedure is very specialized, expensive and is associated with a number of risks. Indeed, only a few specialists will carry out this operation.


The second type of surgery involves the removal of the vitreous humor (together with any floater particles within it) and replacing it with a saltwater solution. Although this operation is generally effective at treating eye floaters, it carries a high risk of complications, including development of cataracts, eye infections and damage to the retina.


Treat Eye Floaters Holistically


The third, and hands down the best, option is to treat eye floaters holistically. This involves nutritional and lifestyle modification together with a natural supplementation regimen. There are in fact, many herbal extracts that have been shown to be effective at treating eye floaters, because they rejuvenate the vitreous humor and restore its normal fluidity and shape.


In addition, a number of vitamins and nutrients can work directly to repair the damage in the eye. These include vitamin C, which repairs collagen (the protein in the eye – damage to this protein causes eye floaters), and the anti-oxidant lutein, that is accumulated in the eye and protects from damage by free radicals, one of the causes of eye floaters.


There are also a number of lifestyle modifications that you should make if you want to get rid of eye floaters once and for all. This may be obvious changes (such as quitting smoking) and not so obvious (e.g. changing your sleep position).


For more ideas to treat eye floaters holistically, watch this video – Natural Treatments For Eye Floaters

This post is from the Eye Floaters No More Program. It is created by Daniel Brown, a former sufferer and professional health researcher. As a professional health researcher, Daniel Brown was able to use his background to find a permanent cure for himself when he suffered from eye floaters. His in-depth knowledge about eye floaters enabled him to create a credible, natural and effective step-by-step alternative treatment plan to help other sufferers get healed, without the use of synthetic drugs or risky surgery.


The Eye Floaters No More Program can be best described as a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions for naturally and permanently curing eye floaters and other vision problems. Simply put, eye floaters are sediments found inside the vitreous humor, a gel-like substance that fills the hollow space at the back of the lens and helps maintain the shape of the eyes. These sediments appear because of the changes that happen with the vitreous humor after infection, inflammation, or severe damage to the eye. According to Daniel Brown, the Eye Floaters No More program was designed to help you treat the root cause of this problem without depending on prescription drugs, surgery and other mainstream medical treatments.  Aside from eliminating all signs of eye floaters, like dots, shapes and blurs, this program is also filled with lots of techniques and tips for treating a host of eyesight symptoms and problems.  


To find out more about this program, visit his website – Treat Eye Floaters Holistically


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