How Can I Get the Best Sinusitis Treatment at Home?

How Can I Get the Best Sinusitis Treatment at Home? Sinusitis treatment varies from herbal to home remedies. Antibiotics and other prescription drugs that relieve the pain of sinusitis also have a negative side to them, that is their side effects. Some medicines even make as person dependent and addicted to them.


Sinusitis Treatment – Some Signs and Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Our head has four sinus cavities. They are a very important part of our body. Infection or inflammation in the cavities can cause immense pain and pressure. Sinusitis refers to the infection caused by an inflamed, infected or mucous filled sinus cavity. Signs and symptoms of sinus infection are similar to those of a common cold. The only difference being that these symptoms do not respond to medication normally given for a common cold. Sinus can also be caused due to an allergy of some kind. People living in dusty areas complain of sinus more often.

There are times when a person feels that his/ her cold is not ready to go away. No medication seems to be of any help. Such people should refer to a doctor immediately. Allergies and colds that refuse to go away are sure shot signs and symptoms of sinus infection.

The mucous from the sinus cavity drains into the nasal passage when a person has a common cold. In the case of a sinus infection, the mucous is unable to drain because of inflammation. A mucous filled sinus cavity leads to bacterial infection.

A sinus infection should be attended to as soon as possible because it can turn chronic which may lead to unnecessary complications and surgery.

Other signs and symptoms of sinus infection include inflammation and redness in the nasal passage, redness and swelling in the eyes, tenderness of facial muscles, fever, toothache and headache. The toothache and headache increase on bending. Fever is a symptom which is rarely associated with sinus. But a combination of two or more such symptoms is a sure shot sign of sinus.

The signs and symptoms of sinus infection are fairly visible and easy to detect. Some doctors also do tests like x-rays and CT Scans to confirm a sinus infection.

Though sinus can be easily cured by medication, surgery may be required in some extreme cases. Inhalation of steam and nasal drops also help. Taking precautions such as using a humidifier and proper cleaning of the nose can also prevent sinus.

It is recommended that a person sees a doctor as soon as he recognizes the signs and symptoms of sinus infection. A minor cold or allergy may lead to some extremely painful consequences.


Sinusitis Treatment – Knowing Bacterial Sinus Infection Symptoms

When your runny nose or cough refuses to go away, your sense of smell and taste are bad, when you have bad headaches, you could be suffering from sinusitis. Ninety percent of all cases of sinus are caused due to bacteria. The membrane of the sinus cavity becomes red, tender or inflamed. Bacterial sinus infection symptoms vary from fever to facial pain and tenderness.

Whenever a person has a cold or fever i.e. a viral infection, the membrane of the sinus cavity becomes inflamed. This blocks the passage of mucous from the sinus membrane to the nasal cavity. A mucous filled sinus cavity is an ideal ground for bacteria to breed.

In the beginning, bacterial sinus infection symptoms are very similar to those of a common cold. If they continue for over five to seven days, a doctor should be consulted. Though sinus is easy to diagnosis, some doctors also use CT Scans or X-Rays to confirm the occurrence of sinus infection.

Bacterial sinus infection symptoms normally last for about seven to ten days. They can go up to three months if it turns chronic. Sinusitis is very common in children. Children who have greenish nasal discharge are often suspected to have sinus. People with allergies are also prone to sinus.

Though sinusitis can easily be cured by usage of medicines such as decongestants and anti- inflammatory drugs, a surgery may also be required at times. Bacterial sinus infection symptoms may also include temporary blindness, double or blurred vision.

There are several ways of preventing sinus. Using a humidifier, cleaning the nose properly can prevent this disease. People who are prone to allergies should make sure that they take medication as soon as the allergy occurs. Decongestants should be used in case of colds. It has been observed that people who smoke or live in smoky environments have greater chances of contracting sinus than people living in a smoke free environment.

Almost all cases of sinus are caused by bacteria. They may be caused by allergens also. Bacterial sinus infection symptoms should never be ignored. Medical help should be taken at the first sign of such symptoms.


Sinusitis Treatment – Herbal Sinus Treatment

Sinusitis is the name given to the infection caused by an inflammation of the sinuses. Sinuses are the cavities that are present in the bones near the nose. The inflammation leads to trapping of mucus in the sinuses, thereby, causing severe pain. This condition is known as a sinus infection. The treatment of sinusitis varies from herbal to home remedies. Herbal sinus treatment is quite effective.

The antibiotics and other prescription drugs that relieve the pain of sinusitis also have a negative side to them, that is their side effects. Some medicines even make as person dependent and addicted to them. Herbal sinus treatments are a more natural and safe option for curing a sinus infection.

Bromelain is one of the most commonly used herbal remedies for sinusitis. Bromelain is derived from the stem of the pineapple tree. It is an enzyme. It is also effective in curing digestive illnesses and swellings arising from injuries or arthritis.

Another herbal sinus treatment is the regular intake of vitamin C. It helps in reducing histamine from the body that causes congestion of the nasal membrane. Inhaling the steam of eucalyptus oil is also effective in decongestant by means of clearing the openings of nasal membrane.

Astragalus is a herbal sinus treatment that strengthens the immune system and makes it capable of fighting of bacterial and viral attacks that cause sinusitis. Garlic is a wonder herbal drug for treating sinusitis. This is so because garlic contains an anti bacterial agent, allicin, which has antibiotic properties.

Powdered licorice is an efficient herbal remedy as it is capable of thinning the mucus, that is trapped in the sinuses, through coughing it out. Another herbal drug quite often used for the treatment of a sinus infection is nettle. It acts as a soothing agent for the itchy eyes and nose. Nettle also increases the strength of the body’s immune system to enable it to fend off the bacteria that cause the infection. Another option for those wishing to go for a herbal treatment for sinusitis is goldenseal that helps in treating respiratory infections.

Thus, a number of herbal sinus treatments are available to chose from. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing one is the cause of the infection, the sinus area affected and the type of sinusitis.


For more ideas on sinusitis treatment, watch this video – 8 Effective, FAST, Natural Cold & Sinus Infection Remedies | Frugal Living | At Home Treatments

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