Which is Good for Your Heart – Moderate Exercise vs. Intense Exercise?

Which is Good for Your Heart – Moderate Exercise vs. Intense Exercise?  If you want to have a healthy heart or you have heart problems, which kind of exercise is good for you? Is it Moderate Exercise or Intense Exercise? Read on to find out more and a video clip on exercises for a healthy heart.
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Is exercise actually good for you? Silly question. Of course it is.


But too much of a good thing can be… well… not good.


And that’s the case with one particular popular exercise. Get too much of it and your risk of heart attack will start heading skyward.


A study conducted by German researchers focused for nearly 10 years on the exercise habits of more than 1,000 people who were in their 60s.


Researchers split participants up in three groups:


1) Those who did 60 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise 4 times a week.
2) Those who did 60 minutes exercise more than 4 times a week.
3) Those who exercised occasionally or rarely.


Not surprisingly, those who did little or no exercise had the highest risk of developing a cardiac event.


More surprisingly, however, the healthiest group was the one in which people participated in moderate exercise—and not intense exercise.


In fact, the over-exercised participants had double the risk of heart attack and stroke compared to the moderate exercising group.


So for best cardiovascular health, do moderate exercise a few times a week, rather than heavy exercises every day.


Here is a simple moderate exercise routine:


  • Warm up for 3 minutes
  • Exercise as hard and fast as you can (running, biking, swimming or whatever) for 30 seconds to raise your heart rate
  • Rest for 90 seconds while moving to keep warm
  • Repeat the high intensity exercise and rest cycle about seven more times


Do this moderate exercise routine 3–4 times/week for optimal heart health. All it takes is 15–20 minutes per day.


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