These 2 Common Ingredients Cut Blood Pressure by Half

These 2 Common Ingredients Cut Blood Pressure by Half - Now this may go against everything you’ve ever heard about how to cut blood pressure. In fact, this may prove that you are right all along and the doctors and other “health experts” were leading you the wrong way, telling you to cut down on these 2 common ingredients.
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Now this may go against everything you’ve ever heard about how to cut blood pressure.


In fact, this may prove that you are right all along and the doctors and other “health experts” were leading you the wrong way, telling you to cut down on this one ingredient.


Because according to a new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension, doubling up on this one ingredient actually help to cut blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attack in half.


You’ve probably heard of the Paleo diet (sometimes called the caveman diet) as super effective for losing weight.


Many people have achieved amazing results from following it.


But there is a bonus; according to research conducted by a team from Boston University, this diet is also a great way to bring your blood pressure down.


Now the secret lies in the main component of the diet – proteins.


The researchers tracked the blood pressure readings of 1361 participants over a period of 11.3 years.


In this period, they found that those who consumed the largest amount of proteins (about 102 grams every day) had consistently low blood pressure readings compared to those who consumed the least amount of proteins (about 58 grams per day).


There could be many reasons for this. It is possible that those who include high proteins in their diet generally choose a healthy diet which is crucial for maintaining healthy blood pressure.


Also, when you consume more proteins, it can make you feel fuller and less likely to snack on high calorie foods – resulting in ideal weight, which in turn benefits the blood pressure.


But that’s not all – proteins also have some direct effects. Certain amino acids like arginine help in dilating blood vessels and cut blood pressure as a result.


To make the high-protein approach even more effective, you should also consume a lot of fiber.


According to the study, those who consumed a diet rich in both protein and fiber had a 51% lower risk of developing heart disease.


This Common Vitamin Can Also Help to Cut Blood Pressure


Natural health experts have known for decades how powerful this particular vitamin is to battle high blood pressure.


The big pharmaceutical companies have, however, used endless resources and influence to trash any study that showed positive effects from this essential vitamin.


Research recently published in the online science journal PLOS One, however, revealed conclusive proof that high blood pressure is caused (and cured) by this one vitamin.


Research on mice recently looked at the connection between high blood pressure and vitamin D. In the two-part study, four groups of mice were given specific diets.


In one part of the study, the mice were given vitamin D-deficient and vitamin D-sufficient diets. In the second part of the study, they were further divided between a high-fat or low-fat diet.


This resulted in the four groups: Vitamin D-deficient, high-fat; vitamin D deficient, low-fat; vitamin D-sufficient, high-fat; and vitamin D sufficient, low-fat.


What the researchers found was that for mice that were in the vitamin D-deficient groups, both high- and low-fat diet, mice developed high blood pressure. It didn’t matter if the diet was high- or low-fat they all became hypertensive.


The mice who were on high- and low-fat diets but were vitamin D-sufficient did not become hypertensive.


What’s more, when the hypertensive mice from the deficient group then received sufficient levels of vitamin D, their blood pressure stabilized and they no longer showed signs of high blood pressure.


Before the study, all researchers had to go on was correlative studies that were criticized by pharmaceutical groups as not having irrefutable proof; this study ends the debate.


But humans are a little bit more complicated than mice. And although taking vitamin D will help manage high blood pressure, it may not be enough.


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