Revealing Here the 3 Best Ways to Eat Turmeric


The natural super-spice known as turmeric keeps on gaining popularity, and it most certainly deserves it!


The active compound it contains, curcumin, is mostly to thank for the many health benefits. This ingredient is also what gives turmeric its natural yellow color.


Many studies have proven so far that turmeric may have as many as 600 potential health benefits!


That’s definitely a reason to add it to your daily diet, wouldn’t you say?

Still, before you decide to do so, there are a certain number of things you need to know about this spice.


Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric is not easily absorbed.

Furthermore, both animal and human studies have discovered that the concentrations of turmeric in one’s urine, blood plasma and peripheral tissues is extremely low.


And this doesn’t depend on the dosage. Still, there are various ways to boost turmeric’s bioavailability.


Eat Turmeric Tip #1 – Combine with Black Pepper


Pepper is a powerful natural medicine on its own, but when combined with turmeric, it takes on the role of an adjuvant.


Let us explain how this works. When we consume turmeric, after about an hour there is a small bump in our bloodstream levels.


It is so little because our liver works hard to get rid of it. But what if one could suppress this process simply by consuming ¼ of a teaspoon of black pepper?


The result is that one’s curcumin levels soar. And this with the same amount you consumed as before, only the bioavailability is now up by 2000%!


So, can you guess what other ingredient curry has besides turmeric? That’s right – black pepper!


Eat Turmeric Tip #2 – Combine with a Healthy Fat


Did you know that this spice is fat-soluble?


That means that in order to boost its absorption rate, you need to combine it with a healthy fat. Such fats include coconut oil, ghee and olive oil.


With their help, one directly absorbs curcumin into the blood stream by going through the lymphatic system and partially avoiding one’s liver.

This means it can remain in its free form and stay in your body for longer!


Eat Turmeric Tip #3 – Boost The Bioavailability Using Heat


The best way to take turmeric, according to some experts, is to integrate it into your cooking on a daily basis. In other words, as much as you can.


Add it to any dish you want or sprinkle it on a sauté. The moment you heat up some healthy oil and add turmeric to it, the bioavailability of this spice skyrockets.


And don’t worry about using too much, you can add just half a teaspoon or use it as lavishly as you want!


To Sum Up


So, are once again the three things you need to do to improve your body’s absorption of turmeric:


  • Boost its bioavailability by 2000% by combining it with black pepper. Freshly ground pepper is best.


  • Combine it with some healthy fat in order for it to bypass your liver.


  • Activate its full potential by heating it up and using it in cooking!


  • That way you’ll get to enjoy all of the health benefits because its effectiveness will be much larger than when taken by itself.


One more thing, you should know that the University of Maryland Medical Center’s guidelines on daily dosage are the following:


  • Powdered, dry root – 1 to 3 g a day


  • Cut root – 1,5 to 3 g a day


That’s all folks. Now go and add turmeric to whatever your next meal is, reaping the best results you can get! Stay healthy!


Watch this Video – Best Way to Take Turmeric


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