What are the best ways to remove Cellulite at home?

What are the best ways to remove Cellulite at home? While cellulite can be very stubborn, you can remove cellulite with some lifestyle changes by exercising, having the right diet and also with some effective home cellulite treatment. Read on to find out more.
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Are you one of 85% of women in the UK who suffer from Cellulite? If so it could be a seriously unwelcomed problem especially for women.


There are many factors that cause the on-set of cellulite. Those affected are continuously finding different ways to get rid of it with different cellulite removal processes or substances on the market that have varying results.


How does cellulite occur?


Cellulite is a condition where fat cells that get deposited under the skin gives it a dimpled appearance, making you look fat and lumpy. It often appears on specific areas of body such as abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, and thighs.


These areas of the body are prone to get bulky especially in the case of women. Once cellulite appears, you can feel tenderness, or tightness in these areas that may also sag sometimes.


There are various factors that influence the appearance of cellulite. The female hormones progesterone and oestrogen are considered to be the main causes.


Other factors include smoking, stress, obesity, pregnancy, lack of exercise, poor diet, rough harsh massages, fabric of clothing worn as well as genetics.


While cellulite can be very stubborn, you can get rid of cellulite with some lifestyle changes by exercising, having the right diet and also with some effective home cellulite treatment


Ways to remove Cellulite naturally


The chemicals we use in everyday life for your skin could help as of now but are slowly damaging your skin cells in the long term. You should avoid using them too frequently.


You should resort to different types of cellulite repairing measures which are not only natural and effective but best for your skin. These include:


  • Rubbing your skin with Body Scrubs with good base
  • Dry brush your body just before taking shower
  • Massage your body with Juniper oil
  • Consume gelatin containing foods
  • Have a detox bath


What are Coffee Scrubs?


Regular exfoliation of the skin, face and body can keep your skin blemish free and have you looking and feeling younger. Using Natural Body scrubs are known to be the best form of exfoliation.


More so Coffee scrubs are considered to be the most popular home remedies to remove cellulite. You just need to rub your skin with coarse coffee grounds and see them remove the dead skin cells to reveal the new, healthy skin underneath.


Besides this, the skin tightening effects of coffee will leave your sagging dimple skin smooth. While chemical exfoliates remove your skin cells with enzymes or acidic properties, exfoliating with coffee grounds improves circulation, giving your skin a firmer appearance.


All this is possible with the caffeine and antioxidants present in coffee that helps to release toxins. Not only is this effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite, but is good for healthy skin in general.


How to make your Coffee Scrub


Spas often use coffee in connection with many other skin cleaning and therapeutic treatments. To remove cellulite, you can also make your own coffee scrub at home with 2-3 basic ingredients already lying around your kitchen.


All you need is 1/4 cup coffee grounds, 3 tablespoons sugar or brown sugar and 2-3 Tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Mix all these ingredients till it reaches a nice paste-like consistency.


Take this paste and massage onto areas of cellulite for several minutes by applying firm pressure. Once you are done, wash it off with water (warm water). Repeat this skin exfoliation process 2-3 times a week and keep doing for few weeks before you see the results.


You can also watch this Video HERE on how to prepare your own coffee scrub to remove cellulite at home.


If you feel making coffee scrub a tedious job, you can use the Body Blendz Coffee Scrub with additional ingredients like Macadamia oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Sea salt and Extra Virgin olive oil which make cellulite removal even more effective.


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