How to Really Best Treat Shin Splints & Get LASTING Relief

How to Really Best Treat Shin Splints & Get LASTING Relief? Do You Want To Know How To Treat Shin Splints The Right Way? Read This Article And Learn A Little-Known Method That Will Get Lasting Relief from Shin Pain FAST...
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By Gary Buchenic


Surprisingly, it is easy to treat shin splints and get relief from the pain. Just rest for a few days and use a few simple pain relief techniques like icing or painkillers… and after 24-72 hours the pain will go away… problem solved, right?


Well, not quite… because next time you go for a run or play sports your pain comes back with a vengeance… and you’re back to square one… that’s the problem that none of the other so called “experts” are talking about…


You see, there’s thousands of websites on the internet that talk about how to get relief from shin splints but getting LASTING relief is what we’re really after…


With that in mind, here’s exactly how to treat shin splints “correctly” so you can finally get the lasting relief that you deserve…


Treat Shin Splints Step #1: Understand That Pain Is a Desperate Message From Your Body Telling You Something Is WRONG


Note: Consistent and dull pain like the pain you feel after a good workout at the gym can be ok… but if your pain is sharp and comes on suddenly as is often the case with shin splints, then it’s time to stop whatever activity you’re doing…


The first step to curing shin splints is to simply understand that pain is not the enemy…


In fact, it’s your body’s way of warning you that something is wrong. Now, we’ve ALL been in that place where we’ve just wished the pain would go away already…


But if we’d just stop and listen to our bodies for a moment we’d realize that the pain we’re experiencing is trying to give us a valuable message…


In the case of shin splints, the pain is trying to alert you to specific underlying problems that are causing the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your shin bone to tear away from the bone…


This brings us to…


Treat Shin Splints Step #2: Identify the “Underlying Causes” Of Your Shin Splints That Are Keeping You in Pain


Without underlying causes, your body’s central nervous system has NO REASON of sending out pain signals.


And after spending years helping hundreds of athletes treat shin splints… and talking to literally dozens of physiotherapists, podiatrists, coaches and personal trainers… I can tell you that there are 4 main problems that are keeping you in pain…




Biomechanical Imbalances:


Poor Running Form:


Bad or Inappropriate Running Shoes:


If you have shin splints it’s not a matter of whether you have one of these problems, it’s a matter of which ones and how many…


Identifying which of these problems is causing your shin splints and treating them directly, is what effective shin splints treatment is all about.


Treat Shin Splints Step #3: Treat the Underlying Causes That Are Keeping You In Pain


They key to how to treat shin splints “right” is treating the underlying causes of your shin splints, and correcting them.


But the sad truth is, most shin splint sufferer’s end up losing hope after the generic shin splint treatment advice that they see everywhere else fails them…


Instead of just realizing that they need to try a different approach that’s a bit more tailored to suit their body’s specific problems, they give up… But trust me on this one… if you treat your shin splints the “right” way, you WILL SIMPLY NOT BELIEVE how well your body will respond.


It will seem like you’re suddenly employing some sort of “voodoo” magic.


But If you continue to use “pain relief techniques like icing and painkillers and you DON’T address these “underlying problems”, you’ll continue to experience painful, reoccurring shin splints that just won’t go away… at least, not in the long term.


However, when you DO treat the underlying causes, the techniques I’ll teach you will be 10X as effective and the results will be permanent.


The best way to get this handled is through reading my best-selling eBook, “Stop Shin Splints Forever.” Download it here, and let me know how it goes…


You can click on this Video HERE to get more ideas on how to treat shin splints the right way.


Author Bio:


Gary Buchenic is a personal trainer who specializes in helping people treat and prevent shin splints. Gary suffered from shin splints for years and at some point they became so bad that he was unable to play the sports he loved or even to go for a quick run without extreme pain.


Using his knowledge and experience as a personal trainer, Gary developed a solution to shin splints that was designed to be simple, straightforward and effective. To learn more about his shin splints treatment methods check out his website at Stop Shin Splints Forever.


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