How Best to Really Remove Your Flat Warts Absolutely?


There are basically three flat wart removal categories that may help you remove your flat warts:


  • Over the counter wart removal medicine
    • Surgical flat warts treatment and professional help
    • Alternative and home treatments for warts


There are various types of over the counter wart removal medicine that can help you to treat and remove your flat warts.


These came in many forms such as lotions, creams, patches and drugs. Some of these medications may be quite acidic and may also destroy your healthy skin.


Treating flat warts by over the counter medications may take several weeks or months. This may also involve a lot of commitment from your own part.


To remove your flat warts, you may also consider professional help. For many individuals this usually happens after repeated setbacks using over the counter wart removal treatments.


Your physician may prescribe powerful drugs that can help you to cure and remove your flat warts.


You may also consider surgery as a flat wart removal method. There are basically 3 types of surgery that can be used:


Cryosurgery – This involves the use of an instrument to freeze your flat warts. Cryosurgery is used to treat many other types of warts as well.

This flat warts treatment is even being used in the treatments of some cancers.


Electrosurgery – This involves the use of heat that is produced from an electric current to kill your warts.


Laser therapy – This involves the use of a laser to kill your warts.


For the above types of surgical flat wart removal methods you may be given numbing agents. You may have some discomforts both during and after the treatment. This will depend on various factors.


Not all the types of treatment mentioned above are adequate to treat and remove you flat warts. You should discuss your situation with your physician.


Alternative and home treatments to remove your flat warts may also be used. These methods have been used for many years. These may include the use of vinegar, garlic and other ingredients. Some of these methods are an effective flats wart cure.


You may want to click on this Video HERE to get more ideas to remove your flat warts.


By Charles Davidson, Author of the Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal System. Dr. Davidson had been a victim of moles and warts and his e-book actually details his whole experience via which he was able to safely remove his moles and warts naturally while not causing any scars. To find out more Click HERE


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