Health Warnings – Here are 8 Sure Symptoms of PMDD

Health Warnings - Here are 8 Sure Symptoms of PMDD. To determine if you have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD for short you will need to know the symptoms of PMDD to watch out for.
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What are the Signs and Symptoms of PMDD?


If you have quite extreme cases of PMS/PMT during the week before your period starts then you might have what is called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD for short.


This is a disorder that is now recognised by psychiatric authorities as something more than just PMS, but as a separate condition that is much worse, and has serious long term psychological and physical effects.


To determine if you have this condition you will need to know the symptoms of PMDD to watch out for.


If you have most of these symptoms of PMDD listed below then you should consult your doctor to be sure.


Another thing to note is that these symptoms of PMDD must occur before the onset of menses.


Most sufferers start feeling these symptoms of PMDD one week prior, but sometimes more in extreme cases.


Irritability – You become annoyed and irritated at things and people including close friends and family that would usually not bother you all that much. This is an internal feeling more than an outward reaction which would be anger as explained below.


Depression – Some women become extremely withdrawn and sad leading to an overwhelming depression. Some cannot even find the will to get out of bed some days, and others might burst into tears for no reason at all.


This state of mind can be extremely difficult to deal with and the fact it does not last more than a week or two can be confusing for yourself and for those around you.


Extreme sensitivity – The inability of a sufferer to take any slight criticism during this period which makes her easily get angry, sullen, sad, or generally moody.


Breast tenderness and pain – This can be light, to extremely painful and irritating. The pain and sensitivity is often centring on the nipples but can vary form woman to woman.


Anger – Some women become so angry they erupt in outbursts and lash out at anyone including those they love and are usually very patient with like spouses and children


Weight gain and bloating – Often due to water retention, but sometimes due to overeating as your appetite can increase due to hormonal imbalances.


Headaches – This is quite self explanatory. These can become full blown migraines for some women completely incapacitating them and making work and home life unbearable.


Insomnia or sleeping too much – Your sleeping habits can be thrown into confusion with this symptom of PMDD leading to sleeping too much or too little.


You may want to watch this Video HERE from National Centre for Biotechnology about symptoms of PMDD.


If you think you might be suffering from extreme PMS or possible PMDD from this list then I encourage you to see your doctors to be sure.


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