How to Get Tighter and Firmer Hips In No Time?


Are you looking for some ideas to get tighter and firmer hips?


If you do, this is a Video HERE for you to learn how to get tighter and firmer hips


Are you ready to get tighter and firmer hips in just 2 minutes? Great! Just grab a smartphone or a timer… or you can follow along with the timer on the screen.


The 1st exercise to get tighter and firmer hips is called “Clamshells.”
It’s a really fun move that leans your thighs and your hips all in one powerful move. These moves tone the inner and outer thigh while shrinking the fat cells on your hips. I do these often, and it’s my “go-to” move for slipping into my tight skinny jeans.


Now remember, you’re not just moving… you’re also squeezing. These moves strengthen all parts of your outer thighs, hips, butt and even your lower back, which supports your butt!


Remember to breathe every time you crunch down, and act like you are squishing a watermelon between your thighs.


These moves also lengthen the side hip muscles, which makes you much more flexible and limber. This is very important so you do not injure yourself when you begin doing more advanced moves. You know you are doing it right when you feel stretching and tension. Note, make sure this does not hurt. This should feel enjoyable. Don’t give up! You will see results in no time.


Think about how great you’re going to feel when you slip on your skinny jeans, or…


That little black dress that’s waiting for you in your closet (you know the one). Think about how proud you will be of what you have accomplished.

Keep practicing this, and you’re going to get firmer hips in only a few minutes a day.


Plus you can do this exercise anytime, anywhere…

If you want to keep going, if you want to go further, just do this exercise sequence 3 days a week and watch how your hips get firmer and tighter.


By Andrea Albright, she is an exercise specialist, fitness and weight loss expert and creator of the My Bikini Butt program. This is a step-by-step guide for losing weight while shaping and toning the lower body trouble areas like your legs, butt, hips and thighs.


This program can significantly reduce cellulite and is designed to work in just 28 days without starvation diets, giving up your favourite foods, or killing yourself at the gym.


To find out more about this program, click on My Bikini Butt


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