5 Tips to a Tighter Butt for Women

5 Tips to a Tighter Butt for Women - Are you looking for some ideas to get a tighter butt? You know, everybody wants a tighter butt. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a jiggly, wobbly, flabby butt. Especially when your man comes up and grabs it, you want it to be tight. Well, follow these quick tips and you’ll get a tighter butt in no time.
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Are you looking for some ideas to get a tighter butt?


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You know, everybody wants a tighter butt. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a jiggly, wobbly, flabby butt.

Especially when your man comes up and grabs it, you want it to be tight. Well, follow these quick tips and you’ll get a tighter butt in no time.


Tip number 1. “Butt flexes.”

Now, whatever you’re doing whether you’re walking, standing, sitting, brushing your teeth, you can always be flexing your butt.

This is a great tip because you don’t have to do any extra effort.


You don’t have to go to the gym or take time out of your busy schedule.  Just keep flexing that butt with anything you do.


So when you’re walking around take a step and flex, step and flex, step and flex.  When you’re driving in your car, just keep flexing the right butt then the left.


You’ll get to where you do it automatically.

You’ll get a tighter butt in no time. And remember the best part of this is that nobody’s ever going to know that you’re flexing your butt.

Just do this a hundred times a day and you’ll notice a big difference in how tight and lifted your butt looks.


Here is tip number 2 for a tighter butt. “Do squats while going about your day.”

Squats are where you stand with your feet a little wider than hips distance apart, you take a deep inhale and then you squat back just like you’re sitting down in a chair.


Make sure your weight is in your heels so that you really engage those butt muscles.


Squat down and then come right up. You can use a chair if you want improved balance, or you can put your hands on a wall in order to get support that way.


Make sure your heart is lifted and your spine is straight, you never want to sink forward… you always want to lift and squat.


The great thing about this movement is that it works both of your butt muscles at the same time. Plus, it gets your legs nice and thin and your butt is going to get tighter and toner.

You can do this while you’re talking on the phone or while you’re brushing your teeth.


Or if you build up your confidence and want to just start squatting at your office or wherever, who cares?


If someone asks, “What are you doing?” Just say, “I’m doing squats.”

And, make sure you don’t do it every day. Because squats can help to build up a lot of lactic acid in your muscles which can cause soreness and make it hard to move around.


So take a break in between each day.

Do fifty squats one day, take a day off, and then do another fifty the next day.

Eventually work up to a hundred squats a day and you’ll notice how your butt gets tighter and tighter.


Tip number 3 to a tighter butt, and this is one of my favorites, “any time you see an escalator or an elevator, skip it, and go for the stairs.”

There’s no better opportunity to work your butt muscles than whenever you take the stairs.


So, any time you can, take the stairs. And every time you step up, engage that glut muscle. That’s the butt muscle on the back.

This is going to maximize your butt, it’s going to give you a nice tight butt and you’re going to get more from your daily activity.


If you really want to go the distance and make it even more intense, take double stairs, two stairs at a time.

You’re going to get even more butt muscle engagement every time you step up… AND you’re going to work that butt and get it nice and tight in no time.


The reason why stairs are so effective is that not only do you become more active when you go up them, but you’re actually doing a lunge.

And the lunge is one of the best movements for your butt muscle.


When you go upstairs you go: lunge, lunge, lunge, so you don’t have to worry about going to the gym and scheduling time away from your kids.

You also don’t have to get out of work early just so you can “hit the gym.”

Just take the stairs.

Do this any opportunity you get and you’ll see how you get a nice, tight, firm butt!


The 4th tip to a tighter butt is to “use the full range of motion in every butt exercise you do.”


When you use the full range of motion, you use the entire butt muscle.

So instead of just overdeveloping one part of your butt, when you use the full range of motion, you’ll get that beautiful, round, tight, butt that looks so great.


And this is one of the reasons why taking those double stairs is so much more effective when you’re using that full range of motion.

You’re going all the way up and then extending all the way down.


So, in every butt exercise you do, whenever you can fully extend, go as deep as you can in a lunge. And then whenever you are extending, extend all the way out for every butt extension.


Now, it’s important to always be safe and listen to your body.

Whenever you’re doing a squat or a lunge, you want to go the full extension that you can while still protecting your knees and joints.


But the deeper you go, the more range of motion you get in your butt muscle AND the tighter and toner your butt is going to look.


And the 5th tip to a tighter butt…now, this is going to SURPRISE you.

“Never wear Spanx or any of those undergarments that are supposed to tighten your butt.”


I know this may sound depressing because a lot of women are absolutely addicted to these undergarments, but they ACTUALLY prevent you from having a tight butt and here’s why:


Those undergarments are so tight that they block off the oxygen you need.

So when they squeeze your skin and muscles together, there’s no room for circulation…this can lead to varicose veins, cellulite, and a saggy butt.

You want to be able to move freely.


Trust me, when you follow all these tips… you’ll NATURALLY get a tighter butt.


You’re going to throw those Spanx away because you’ll never need them again. Instead, go for natural garments made from natural fiber cotton blends.


You can even use spandex in some of your workout outfits.

Just make sure they’re not too tight and constricting to the point where they cut off all the circulation and blood flow.

You want to be able to still move and breathe.

That will get your butt muscle the oxygen and nutrients it needs to give you that nice, tight, and round booty.


These are some of my favorite tips for getting a tighter butt.


By Andrea Albright, she is an exercise specialist, fitness and weight loss expert and creator of the My Bikini Butt program. This is a step-by-step guide for losing weight while shaping and toning the lower body trouble areas like your legs, butt, hips and thighs.


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