Secrets to Get a Nice, Balanced Butt like Jennifer Lopez


Here’s my tip on to getting a nice, balanced butt like Jennifer Lopez, we’re going to do an exercise called “wood chops.”


It’s great to use a weight, I’m using a 5 pound weight in this exercise, but you can also use a small medicine ball or even a jug of water.


So just use whatever you have around the house, you don’t need special equipment.


Just grab something that you can use for resistance. Resistance-training is what’s going to get you that nice, balanced butt that Jennifer Lopez has.


So these are called “wood chops.”

You are just going to step out to the left, lunge down and then come back. We are going to do 10 on each side. Whenever you push back really fire off that leg because that’s what really fires that glute.


You’ll feel it in both your right and your left glute, because we’re working both butt muscles at the same time. That’s going to give us that nice, balanced butt that Jennifer Lopez has.


It’s important to keep the tension on one side at a time, because this is what is going to really sculpt your butt muscles in way less time.

Instead of going back and forth and alternating right to left, we are isolating the tension on one side. One glute muscle is holding most of the tension.


Just think about Jennifer Lopez whenever you want to give up. Just focus on her. Use her for inspiration.


It’s amazing that she has a booty like that. She has had a kid, she’s got every excuse in the world but she keeps going.


All right, for a final exercise for you to get a Jennifer Lopez booty in record time we are going to do “standing lunge.”


We are going to use our shoulders as well because Jennifer Lopez doesn’t just have a great booty, she’s got beautiful shoulders.


When you have nice shoulders it complements the booty and it makes it look even more feminine and healthy.


So we are going to hold our arms our as we lunge forward with the right leg.


We are going to go down and then step back. So we are using that same isolation principle to work one glute at a time.


But you can see that even though I am using one muscle in my right leg, I am still working that back muscle on my left butt as well. These exercises are designed to get the maximum results in the least amount of time.


This is going to LIFT the saggy butt up.

This is going to get rid of cellulite.

This is going to make you look super sexy in your bikini, AND in those skinny jeans.


Notice how my spine is straight the whole time. All right, shake those shoulders and arms out. You feel it, can’t you? We are working those shoulders while we work the butt.


Let’s go to the other side. We are going to lunge down and then push back. When you push off that front foot, really explode. That’s working that butt even more. You are tightening and toning your butt while we are chiseling away at the butt fat.


So using the same leg is really targeting into those muscles and we are burning fat in even more time.


We are burning fat in less time while getting more muscle tone, more muscle definition and we are working both butt muscles the same time.

You’ll feel how your booty gets rounder and rounder. You’ll feel great. You deserve it.


My final tip for getting a Jennifer Lopez booty is confidence.

Remember, how you feel about your body is what is going to be reflected to the outside world.


Jennifer Lopez has this dialed. She is confident. She is sexy. She is rocking her curves and she loves the body that she was born in.

We can learn a lot from Jennifer Lopez…


Use these moves to get your Jennifer Lopez booty in record time.


You can also watch this Video HERE to get access to secrets to get a nice, beautiful butt.


By Andrea Albright, she is an exercise specialist, fitness and weight loss expert and creator of the My Bikini Butt program. This is a step-by-step guide for losing weight while shaping and toning the lower body trouble areas like your legs, butt, hips and thighs.


This program can significantly reduce cellulite and is designed to work in just 28 days without starvation diets, giving up your favourite foods, or killing yourself at the gym.


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