Secrets to Get a Nice, Beautiful Butt like Shakira


Shakira is known for her beautiful booty and here are a few secrets that you can follow to get that same round, nice, beautiful butt.


The main thing is to make sure that you are working both of your glutes. Your glutes are your butt muscles.


A lot of people isolate one glute and then the other, but you want to make sure every exercise you are doing you are working both of those gluts.


That’s what gets you a nice, balanced, round, nice, beautiful butt like Shakira. So follow these moves if you want a nice, beautiful butt like Shakira.


The first move is called a “Crescent Lunge.”

We are going to be focusing on sculpting that butt while we tone and lift. You can use a chair if you are working on your balance.


Just lean into the chair, take your right foot back, leave your left foot forward, your right heel comes off the ground, take a deep inhale and you are going to lunge down.


Now instead of pulsing, we are going to hold it here for 5 slow counts. You can feel that butt starting to work, both your right glute and your left glute, you are feeling that. Just hold it for one more count.


Okay, now instead of just coming up, we are going to come up and lift and we are going to hold this for 5 slow counts. Again, you can feel that we are working both of the glutes; the right and the left butt are firing.

This is going to get you twice the results in half the time. One more deep breath in and then exhale, come right back down.


So we are going to do this 5 times. I am going to show you without the chair this time. We are holding for 5 counts. I can already feel my legs are shaking, that means that we are burning fat from inside of the butt muscle.


That’s what gives you a nice, beautiful butt like Shakira.


One more breath in and then we are going to lunge up really slow and hold it. So you are contracting that butt muscle at the top AND the left butt is squeezing together. Hold for 5 slow counts.


Now remember, you can always use the chair because you are working on building up your balance.


The key is to keep breathing and you make sure your core is engaged. One more deep breath in, lift your heart, and exhale. Okay, now let’s push it back up. Lift that back leg and hold it.


This is going to really sculpt and tighten your butt; you are going to get beautiful curves. You are going to really start to see your butt lift up as it gets nice and firm.


Let’s go back down for another deep lunge. Go a little deeper this time. Hold it for 5 breathes.


You can always take a break and come back, but if you really want to get maximum results in the least amount of time you want to stick with it.


A lot of people pulse and bounce around, but that’s not isolating your butt muscles the way we are isolating them now. One more deep breath in and then exhale, push on up.


If you start to feel the shaking, that means it’s working.

One more deep breath in and then slowly come back down. Okay, here is the last one.


Now this is where most people would give up, but not Shakira. She keeps it rocking. She keeps going. You can do it too. Come on, you know you want that Shakira booty, don’t you?


This is the “real key.” Don’t give up, you’ve just got to push it a little bit further. Take another deep breath in, and then exhale.


Sink a little deeper into that lunge. Now push off and lift up while you are sculpting that round, nice tush.


Take a few more deep breathes and squeeze the butt at the top. Take one more deep breath and then slowly come back down.

So that was a “Crescent Lunge” with a back-lift.


You want to do 5 lunges and holds on the left side as well and that would be 1 round.


To make an entire workout you will want to do this 3 times.


You can also watch this Video HERE to get access to secrets to get a nice, beautiful butt.


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