Great Butt Lift Workout For Women to Do At Home

Great Butt Lift Workout For Women to Do At Home - Are you embarrassed about your butt? Do you want an instant butt lift? You don’t have to go to the gym, or do any dangerous procedures. Read on to find out more.
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Are you embarrassed about your butt?

Do you want an instant butt lift?

You don’t have to go to the gym, or do any dangerous procedures.

We all know those never work!


Do this with me instead or you can also watch this butt lift workout Video HERE:


Today’s butt lift exercise is going to be called “The Cat and the Cow.”

It’s a variation of one of the best yoga postures you can use to not only lift your butt, but also tone your core.


So come on, let’s do this together.


I’ve got a mat, but you don’t even need a mat, you can do this on the carpet or on the floor, just make sure that you’ve got enough cushion for your knees.


If you want to place some towels underneath your knees to support you, just make sure it feels good.

You never want to push yourself too far.

Listen to your body and remember to breathe. Are you ready to go?



Come on down onto the mat with me…

So, start angling up the knees to the hips. Then place your feet flat on the floor behind you.

And make sure to walk your hands out until you once again have alignment with your wrist to your elbow to your shoulder.


Now, this takes a little bit of time to really get that stable distance.

Now that your hands are shoulder width apart, you really want to squeeze those triceps together to give yourself a nice stable platform.

Whenever I have that stability, I’ve got equal balance on the right and the left side of my body.


Many people don’t take the time to bring balance into their body and that’s what causes injury.


So take a few deep breaths here…

And on the next inhale, you’re going to inhale deep and then on the exhale, you’re going to round your back.

So rounding the back and dropping the head down. ..

This is called the “Cat Position.”

It looks like a cat that’s really stretching its back.


On the inhale, you’re going to arch your back and this is called the “Cow Position,” so imagine a cow with its belly hanging down towards the ground.


We’re going to do 5 of these breaths.

So you’re exhaling rounding your back, inhaling arching your back. That’s one. Keep going using your breath.

The deeper you go, the more length you’re bringing into your spine.

You may actually feel that your butt muscles are starting to stretch out, that’s very good. Just use your breath.


Okay, last one, go as deep as you can… then, and inhale as you come up.

Then just go back to neutral.

So now, that you’ve got a nice open spine, we’re going to begin to use our core and to play with balance.

Now, this is called the “3-Legged Cat.”


Imagine that you’re a cat that only has three legs and you’re just going to lift one arm up and just play with being on three legs.

It’s important to connect to your core and while engaging your butt because that’s what’s going to give you that stability you want.


So now, let’s be a 3-Legged Cat with the other arm.

Reach that arm up, keep that spine long, make sure you’re not sinking down, keep lengthening, and use your core.

One more deep breath in and then slowly come down.

Now, let’s use our legs.


So let’s be a 3-Legged Cat once again and now you’re going to lift that back leg as high as you can.

Don’t worry if you need to bend your knee, wherever you’re at, just find your core and lengthen.


Now, you may think:

Wow, this is so easy or you may be falling down, wherever you’re at, just accept it, love it, and have fun.

Just keep practicing. Slowly lower that leg down.

Now, let’s be a 3-legged cat on the other side. Notice that my body isn’t really shifting.


I’m keeping my core stable. I’m keeping everything in place except for that one leg that’s reaching back lengthening back and then, slowly come down.

Okay. So, how did you do? Are you ready to go further?


Now, we’re going to be a “2-Legged Cat.”

So, in order to do this, we’re going to have the opposite leg and the opposite arm reach up and extend at the same time.

Take a deep breath in.


You want to roll those shoulders in so that you have stability in the upper body and so you can engage your core.

I’m going to lift the opposite leg and the opposite arm.

So, I’m working on balance and I’m also squeezing the butt. It’s a full body stretch.

I’m using my core and, yeah, I’m giving myself a butt lift.

Just take one more deep breath in and I’m shaking a little bit, that’s a good sign.


That means my muscles are doing something that they’ve never done before. Just holding the stability is really powerful.

It’s the small tiny muscles that prevent injury, give you balance, give you stability, and make you get a nice, lifted butt.


See how fun that can be, because you can play with your balance. Slowly come down.

We’re really chiselling away the butt fat, we’re decreasing cellulite and we’re toning the muscle underneath.

Just imagine how great you’re going to look in that bikini, how great you’re going to feel.


Now, you can drop down into “Child’s pose.”

That’s going to really stretch out the butt and it’s also going to lengthen your arms.

Take a deep inhale and exhale. Slowly walk your hands back to your knees.


I’m going to just come back through downward dog because that feels really good… then I’ll walk my hands back to my feet, and slowly come up.


Now go ahead, reach down, and grab that butt.

It might’ve even lifted a couple of inches.

Feel great about yourself because you just did an instant butt lift.


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