DIY Eczema Treatment for Soothing Itchy and Irritated Skin


Do you know that you can perform DIY eczema treatment using ingredients from your kitchen? It is easy to make and effective in getting rid of the itchiness and redness caused by eczema.


What’s more, this all-natural treatment’s effect is instantaneous. So much so that just seconds from applying the mixture, you will immediately feel its soothing effect on your itchy and irritated skin.


Here are things that you need to know about this organic remedy, followed by a step-by-step guide on preparing this DIY eczema treatment.


Powerful Combination


Using three ingredients containing high levels of anti-oxidants and skin-renewal properties, you will be able to create your own DIY eczema treatment. Since this is made of natural ingredients, this DIY eczema treatment contains no harmful chemical contents which can be found in most of the lotions and medications sold in the drug stores.


The ingredients for this DIY eczema treatment are ground nutmeg, raw manuka honey and Vitamin E oil, a potent combination against skin ailments such as eczema.


Nutmeg is packed with antioxidants and potent anti-inflammatory properties that eases your skin irritation and reduces the pain and itchiness caused by eczema.


It is likewise noted for its efficacy in unclogging our pores, getting rid of blackheads, and removing dead skin cells and scars. In the process, it makes our skin smoother and more refined.


The second ingredient, raw manuka honey or other raw honey, has long been used as a treatment of a variety of illnesses. For centuries, it is commonly used to treat wounds, abrasions, rashes, skin burns, among other skin conditions.


The anti-oxidants found in raw manuka honey effectively guards against free radicals, said to be one of the factors that contribute to aging. Its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties make it a potent cure for acne as well as eczema.


Besides, this raw honey is also noted for its high anti-oxidant content as well as its role boosting our immune system and treating allergies.


The third ingredient, Vitamin E does not only strengthen your immune system, it is also effective known for treating skin problems such as sunburns, scars, and wrinkles.


This powerful anti-oxidant, which gets absorbed by our skin’s epidermis layer, soothes our skin and aids against premature aging.


How to Prepare Your Own DIY Eczema Treatment


To make your own DIY eczema treatment, prepare the following:


  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg powder
  • 1 tablespoon raw manuka honey
  • half teaspoon vitamin E oil (or 1 capsule vitamin E)


Mix the nutmeg, raw manuka honey, and Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E capsule together. Once the mixture is already a thick paste, spread this on your face. Pay particular attention on the areas where the skin irritation is worse.


After applying the mixture, let the mixture stay for about 20 to 60 minutes. Use lukewarm water to rid your face of the mixture.


For better exfoliation, what you can do is gently massage the eczema treatment mixture in a circular manner before you rinse it with lukewarm water. Lastly, lightly pat your face with a fresh and soft towel.


You can also watch a Video HERE to learn about how to prepare your own DIY eczema treatment.


By Fay Spencer who is the author of 14 Days Eczema Cure which offers many ideas on how to treat eczema within 14 days by using readily accessible natural products and applying them in the right balance.


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