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Chronic bad breath is a societal taboo and stigma


Chronic bad breath is not only an oral-health issue, but it is generally regarded as socially unacceptable. Although bad breath (halitosis) is a fairly common health challenge, it is difficult to self-diagnose, as it is not easy to detect a long-term odor from your own breath.


Those who suffer from chronic bad breath are often informed by friends or family members, and these conversations are generally awkward for both individuals.

Chronic bad breath has become a major health concern because of its medical consequences and because it causes significant social disharmony, embarrassment, frustration, and despair.


Experiencing chronic bad breath can also lead to social and professional isolation and contribute to marital and relational problems.


Concern over chronic bad breath can affect your sense of peace and well-being. Often, individuals do not address the root causes of bad breath and instead opt for temporary relief in the form of gum, rinses, and sprays.

People who have been told that they may suffer from chronic bad breath can experience feelings of anxiety or worry that they are producing offensive smells near others.


Chronic bad breath is a common concern for those with anxiety for a variety of reasons, including more frequent mouth breathing and anxiety-prompted acid reflux.


Occasionally, chronic bad breath can prompt a prolonging of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Recent research suggests that Halitosis can worsen the symptoms of SAD, making it harder for patients to overcome this mental condition once their breath has been improved.

Getting appropriate treatment for chronic bad breath is essential to prevent medical, social, and psychological issues in your life. Antibacterial mouthwashes are a great way to control bad breath.


If you suspect you may have chronic bad breath, speak with your healthcare provider about developing an effective oral-hygiene routine and overcoming any social issues related to your condition.


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