2 Best Ways to Relieve Shin Pain QUICKLY

2 Best Ways to Relieve Shin Pain QUICKLY - Can you really relieve your shin pain in just 15 minutes - and eliminate it completely overnight? Read on here to learn about the 2 powerful ways to relieve shin pain fast.
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Can you really relieve your shin pain in just 15 minutes – and eliminate it completely overnight?


Believe it or not… the answer is YES. And you don’t have to bust open the medicine cabinet and get all jacked up on painkillers either…


In fact, all you need are the 2 powerful shin splints treatment techniques that I’m going to show to you later on in the article which make up a very important part of the Stop Shin Splints Forever program.


Here Are 2 Powerful Ways To Relieve Shin Pain FAST…


As you’ve probably heard ice is an effective pain relief technique… apart from numbing the pain, it also causes a rush of blood nutrients and into the area and flushes out the enzymes that cause inflammation very quickly.


Warning: When using these techniques keep the ice on for as long as it is comfortable for YOU. Obviously, there will be a slight discomfort from the cold, but as soon as pain, numbness or excessive discomfort is experienced, it’s time to remove the ice.


Relieve Shin Pain Technique #1: Ice Massage


Ice massages forces cold deep into your muscles and bones which enhances circulation, flushes out the body’s inflammatory response and if you press a little harder, it also breaks up any scar tissue.


Here’s how to do it…


Buy some paper cups, fill them with water and put them in your freezer

Pull out a cup and tear off the top half inch or so.


Massage the exposed ice into the most painful areas of your shins… you’ll KNOW you’ve found the right spot when you’re on it… you’ll likely feel a sharp pain there.


For a minimum of 5 minutes, push the ice into the painful area and up and down your shins. Keep moving around, and don’t let the ice sit in one spot too long.


Do this at least 3 times a day. Remember, if your skin gets numb from the cold it’s time to stop.


Relieve Shin Pain Technique #2: Ice Dipping


This is the most powerful icing technique I’ve found. I dare you, try this techniques today, you’ll see for yourself that this is by far the most powerful pain relief technique you’ve ever used…


Fill up your tub half full with water, and add a bunch of frozen bottles of water or a big bag of ice to get the water ICE COLD.


Adjust the height of the water to your convenience then dip your lower leg into the ice water, submerge it all the way to your knees.


Hold it in there for 10 seconds, by then you should be desperate to pull your legs out otherwise the water isn’t cold enough…


Finally, dry off and walk around for a bit. Wait at least 5 minutes then repeat the process 3-5 times.


As powerful as these techniques are, they are only the beginning.


You may want to click on to watch this Video HERE and this Video TOO for more ideas to relieve shin pain fast.


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