Effective Strategies for Curing Shoulder Pain

I used home physiotherapy techniques for curing shoulder pain. In a few weeks of using this system every day or two, I was back to normal with a healthy, supple, flexible and pain-free shoulder joint. Read on to find out more.


Shoulder pain is a very common condition which affects millions of people around the world for various reasons. However, if your injury is not severe enough to warrant surgery, or if you’ve already undergone surgery and want to kickstart your post-surgical shoulder rehab, this article is for you.

I used to suffer from shoulder pain, after I injured it weight training in the gym. I tore my rotator cuff and ended up with severe pain on the front of my shoulder, and a dull ache in the back. It was terrible to live with, as I’m sure you’re aware. I visited a doctor, but he just told me to rest.

Instead, I started researching shoulder injuries and shoulder pain in libraries, on the web, by talking to physiotherapists, personal trainers, doctors and anyone who’d had any experience of shoulder pain before.

They all told me one thing: shoulder pain usually comes because of damage which can be easily repaired at home with the following techniques:

* Stretching – used to gently and gradually improve mobility and flexibility in your shoulder, and to extend your range of motion and relieve stiffness and pain.

* Exercises – used to encourage regrowth of damaged tissue in the shoulder, strengthen the internal core muscles of the shoulder joint (the rotator cuff) and relieve pain.

* Hot/cold – use heat pads before stretching and exercising to warm up your muscles and prepare them for movement. It also draws blood into the area which promotes and stimulates the healing process. Ice is used after exercise to reduce swelling and numb any immediate pain. Less swelling means the body can do it’s work of healing more effectively.

I used these home physiotherapy techniques myself to overcome my shoulder pain. In a few weeks of using this system every day or two, I was back to normal with a healthy, supple, flexible and pain-free shoulder joint. At last! I basically became my own physiotherapist, treated my injury and so the pain disappeared.

I wrote a book about my experiences, and documented everything I learned about treating shoulder pain with descriptions and photos of the special stretches and exercises I’d uncovered during my research.

For more ideas on curing shoulder pain, watch this video – Yin Yoga for Neck & Back Pain Relief, Tense Shoulders, Gentle Beginners Yoga Stretch, YogaPlus App

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Author Bio:

Joe Brent is a former chronic should pain sufferer. He beat his shoulder pain for good without surgery and completely rehabilitated himself from the comfort of his own home.

When Joe injured his shoulder from a combination of working out incorrectly and bad posture, he spent hours every day digging through medical and sports literature, talking to medical experts, professional athletes and anyone he could find that had any experience of shoulder and rotator cuff injuries.  He realized that it was possible to skip the surgery and the physical therapy appointments and do all the stretches and exercises on his own.

In just a few weeks, Joe was able to heal his own shoulder pain.  He wanted to share his successful experiences with others and show them how to quickly rehab their shoulder injuries and that’s how he came up with his shoulder pain relief guide called Shoulder Pain No More.

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