What is the Best Way to Treat Snoring Naturally?

What is the Best Way to Treat Snoring Naturally? Treat Snoring Naturally - Alzheimer’s, Snoring and Sleep Apnea Connection - Alzheimer’s is most often considered an incurable and unavoidable disease. Many of us have helplessly watched loved ones experience this painful condition, steadily degenerating the person’s functionality and personality. Recent studies have, however, connected Alzheimer’s to a couple of very unexpected co-conspirators, snoring and sleep apnea. And by drawing some common sense conclusions, researchers have come up with a method that may help EVERY Alzheimer’s patient to not only stop this horrible disease but maybe also reverse it to some level.


Treat Snoring Naturally – Alzheimer’s, Snoring and Sleep Apnea Connection


Alzheimer’s is most often considered an incurable and unavoidable disease. Many of us have helplessly watched loved ones experience this painful condition, steadily degenerating the person’s functionality and personality.


Recent studies have, however, connected Alzheimer’s to a couple of very unexpected co-conspirators, snoring and sleep apnea. And by drawing some common sense conclusions, researchers have come up with a method that may help EVERY Alzheimer’s patient to not only stop this horrible disease but maybe also reverse it to some level.


What’s even more important, this gives hope that Alzheimer’s may be totally prevented from developing in the first place.


This full-featured article is especially important if you or someone close to you snores. Please read on.


Finding the Cause of Alzheimer’s


Our story begins in British Colombia University a few years back. Researchers came up with this crazy idea to test how oxygen deprivation on mice affected their memory. For 6 months, the mice only received about 40% of the oxygen they normally did for 16 hours per day. The rest of the day they could breathe normally.


They didn’t have to wait long to see for sure that the mice suffering oxygen deprivation had very diminished brain and memory function. They couldn’t find their way through a simple maze or complete other tasks normal mice could.


This was maybe no big surprise, but there was another thing researchers didn’t expect to find. After six months, these middle-aged mice (mice usually live for around 12 – 24 months) had developed twice as many beta-amyloid plaques as normal mice their age. These plaques are similar to the plaques that cause Alzheimer’s in humans.


A study conducted a couple of years later by Chicago’s Feinberg School of Medicine supported the view that long lasting lack of blood delivery to the brain may be the main underlying cause of Alzheimer’s.


Several other studies have linked various conditions that reduce the blood flow up to the brain to increased risk of Alzheimer’s. This includes, among others, migraine, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and neck injuries. For improved brain health, it’s essential to address these issues.


Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Sleep Apnea


There is, however, one condition that has a higher connection to Alzheimer’s than any other, and that is sleep apnea. According to a study published in the November, 2008 edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 70-80% of those who had Alzheimer’s, also suffered sleep apnea. WOW… almost 4 out of 5 people!


Notably, the researchers did not conclude if it was the Alzheimer’s that caused the sleep apnea or the other way around.


Sleep apnea is a condition where person stops breathing for a few seconds, sometimes up to a minute, several times per night. This deprives the brain of 80% of normal oxygen throughout the night. There are examples of people going into a coma and even dying from sleep apnea. That’s how serious it is.

And since the brain takes 20-40% of all oxygen you inhale, you see that any lack will directly affect your brain function.


Most common treatment of sleep apnea is the use of the CPAP breathing machine that helps deliver oxygen to the lungs. So in 2011, researchers at the University of California, San Diego built on the previous research and applied CPAP machines to 52 Alzheimer’s patients who also suffered sleep apnea. In a matter of weeks, the patient’s nerve, brain and behavior function improved drastically during the day.


Note that CPAP is not a cure for Alzheimer’s but it has been shown to help pretty much everyone to improve this condition.

I’m very much afraid that we’re far away from curing Alzheimer’s in later stages. My concern is to help people improve the early stages of the condition and hold it back to some level. But even more importantly, I think it’s possible to totally avoid developing Alzheimer’s and reverse it at the earliest stages.

Where Snoring Comes in


This brings us to the issue of Sleep Apnea and its connection to snoring.


One of the most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring. Most people who suffer sleep apnea also snore pretty loudly.


Normal snoring is not as serious as sleep apnea. I believe, however, that all snoring should be taken seriously. You see, snoring is always caused by some kind of blockage in the breathing passages. This creates pressure that vibrates the soft tissues in these passages, creating the irritating snoring sound.


Whereas sleep apnea creates a complete blockage of the breathing passages several times per night, normal snoring creates a partial block. This is, however, enough to drastically reduce the amount of oxygen you receive throughout the night. This is also an indicator that you’re not breathing effectively throughout the day, either. The blockage doesn’t disappear during the day, you just manage it better.


Remember that the mice in the Alzheimer’s study didn’t develop plaque overnight. It built up in their brain after months of relatively mild oxygen deprivation. The same thing may be happening with you or someone you love if you don’t breathe effectively enough day and night.


This is on top of the fact that the oxygen level in most cities today is much lower than it used to be only 50 years ago.


The most effective way to treat snoring naturally and cure sleep apnea without drugs is our Stop Snoring Exercise Program. It includes easy exercises that have helped thousands of people to stop snoring in as little as 3 minutes per day. Learn more about the Stop Snoring Exercise Program here


Several of our other programs address the issue of lack of oxygen in the body.

Our migraine and headache program helps directly deliver oxygen up to the brain (there is close connection between migraine and Alzheimer’s).

Our Weight Loss Breeze program increases oxygen delivery throughout the body.

And our High Blood Pressure Program and Cholesterol Guide obviously help with arteries and oxygen-rich blood delivery throughout the body.


Treat Snoring Naturally – Does Snoring Cause Divorce?


I have often been guilty of letting this thought run through my mind when I read some of the commentary related to people asking for help with their snoring issues.


The latest comes from a reader in Alabama who asked me to share her story as not only a caution to others, but also as a reassurance of hope.


Our reader, whom we will call Thea, wrote in to describe the effect that snoring had on her family. She and her husband started out happy enough, with a great marriage, common interests, desire for family, etc.


They had a little house in a suburb outside of Mobile and he had a great job that offered her the chance to live her dream, which was to be a mom in the home for their two children.


After the usual sleep issues that happen to all parents when the kids are small resolved themselves, they sort of got into a good, healthy groove with their sleeping as Thea and her husband were great about keeping a schedule, eating right, getting enough water and all that.


But as time wore on, and as Thea and her husband started to approach 40, they started to gain a little bit of weight, started to show some signs of anxiety (especially as the economy worsened), and started to wander away from their healthy lifestyle.


She blamed the trend on going back to work part time, coupled with the myriad of activities the kids were in along with the travel and time consumption of other daily activities and they started relying heavily on convenience foods and takeout.


She explains that it was about this time that she started snoring and he started the tossing, kicking, and twitching of restless leg syndrome.


Every time she would start snoring, he’d wake and nudge her. Every time he would roll over in bed, she’d wake because he’d elbowed her or scratched her on the leg with a toenail.


They were both beginning to suffer the ravages of sleep deprivation, dosing off during the day and getting really snippy with each other and the kids.

So they decided that in order to at least try and get them both some better sleep that they would take turns sleeping in the spare bedroom. Up to this point they hadn’t spent a night apart in 16 years of marriage.


Sleep seemed to be easier to come by with this arrangement, but it was kind of sad for them, she explains. They still loved one another, and still had a good time on vacations, going on dates together or on outings with the kids and still went to church every Saturday evening like clockwork.


She was kind of vague explaining what happened next. “Christian,” she said, “I just don’t know what happened next. It was like someone had been coming in at night and had been stealing parts of our marriage a little bit at a time.”


Before I could even wonder what that meant, she went on to explain it. “We used to be so close, but even after we started sleeping better it seemed like we were a thousand miles away from each other.”


She described that even though on the outside it looked like everything was okay, they both had been harboring some grouchy sentiment toward one another because they could no longer share a bed.


This took the predictable toll on their sex life, which added even more anxiety. She said, “Two kids, 4 sports, school, church, volunteer activities, work…we never had any opportunities to be alone in a bed together.”


And so the distance progressed, worsened, and stole away more and more of what they had spent 16 years building.


So after about 3 years of this, she discovered he had been having an email relationship with a colleague at work…that wasn’t of a working nature.


To this other woman, he had apparently been lamenting the demise of his physical relationship and seeking solace in this woman’s online companionship.

Once discovered, Thea immediately threatened to file for divorce, but instead got them both into counselling. This turned out to be the changing point of the whole toxic dynamic that had been playing itself out over the past couple of years.


It took a therapist to tell them what they already knew…that they still loved each other and had a lot of wonderful years left in their marriage. They just needed to regularly spend time alone in an intimate setting, which, for most people means a bed.


Even if there wasn’t to be any sex, they knew they had to find a way to sleep together again and start giving each other the critical marital elements of affection, closeness, touch and trust.


But to do this, two very critical issues needed to be corrected- her snoring and his RLS.


They have just started the work required to overcome these sleep problems, but are apparently at least sleeping in the same room again.

So the answer to the question at the beginning is no…snoring doesn’t cause divorce. People cause it. But it can be a catalyst to the unraveling of a relationship if left untreated.


Watch this Video – Exercises for Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Sinus Pressure & more. Addressing the nose, throat and tongue

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How to Completely Eliminate Migraine for Good?

How to Completely Eliminate Migraine for Good? In order to completely eliminate migraine for good, it is important to address all the triggers for migraine attacks (emotional, diet and oxygen) and eliminate them systematically. Read on here to find out more about this All-Natural Migraine and Headache Program that can help you to achieve it.
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Completely Eliminate Migraine – These Things Trigger Migraine Study Proves


Researchers have finally found proof regarding well-known suspects of migraine triggers.


The good news is that you can indeed indulge in some of them if you do it the right way.


Even though migraine sufferers have reported for many decades that red wine and certain weather changes can trigger migraines, there has never been proof until recently.


Part of the challenge was because these two suspects don’t affect all sufferers, and even those that are affected aren’t always affected with every exposure.


Study authors following participants from Brazil studied the effects of different varieties of wine.


What they noticed along with the regularity and predictability of the migraine was that certain varieties were worse than others for severity.


Those wines high in tannins like Malbecs and Tanats caused a higher frequency of migraines and they were also more severe. This led doctors commenting on the study to conclude that if you do have migraine headaches and if you like red wine, stick to those with lower tannin content.


Doctors were presented with another study that tracked migraine sufferers over the course of an entire year. Researchers found that weather changes from mild to cold days were associated with a more than 20% higher likelihood of triggering a mild headache.


Days going from mild to warmer still caused problems but not as frequently as cooler weather.


For natural ways to completely eliminate migraine for good, click here


Completely Eliminate Migraine – Devastating Effects of Migraine and Headaches


Most people consider headaches an annoying and painful- but pretty harmless health hazard. Repeated studies, however, have revealed a connection between serious headaches like migraine and an increased frequency of serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and high blood pressure.


As technology advances, scientists can better study exactly what happens as a person experiences a migraine attack. And what’s revealed is frankly devastating. The conclusion is that migraines should not be treated; but rather, avoided by all means.


Today, we’ll discuss exactly what happens with a migraine attack, the one single main cause for migraine and how it’s possible to avoid migraine and headache attacks all together, even if you’ve suffered for years.


Note that although not all headaches are considered migraine headache, the same exact function happens in the brain with all headaches. So if you have frequent headaches or suffer migraine with or without headaches please read on.


Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine attack knows all too well how bad it feels. So instead of dwelling on that, let’s look at what exactly happens in your body as the attack arises.


You see, migraine is always caused by some kind of trigger or combination of triggers. Nobody knows exactly why these triggers cause migraines, but they act in some ways like allergy effect.


What makes migraines extremely difficult to handle is that there is usually not one trigger that gets it going but a build-up of many triggers, often over a period of time.


And those triggers can be emotional as well as physical or visual. For example, a piece of chocolate may throw you into migraine attack when you’re stressed but do nothing to you when you’re relaxed.


Migraine and headaches happen as the arteries in the brain inhibit or reduce blood delivery to parts of the brain because of changes in dilation.


Different types of migraine and headaches depend on where in the brain this inflammation happens. For short periods of time, your brain is experiencing mild stroke effects.


To prevent permanent brain damage from the lack of blood delivery, the body expands the arteries, making the pressure even more severe and causing increased pain and migraine symptoms.


Since your brain at some points can be starving for oxygen, the tissues closest to the main arteries steals most of the oxygen delivered, leaving parts deeper inside the brain deprived. This is not unlike the symptoms of small, mild strokes.


This is the reason why migraine has been connected to the development of dementia and there is higher risk of severe stroke among people with migraine as well as connection to many other neurological diseases.


Since every single migraine attack acts as series of mini-strokes on the brain and causes minor brain damage, scientists now warn that the main object should not just to treat the pain from migraine but to try to avoid it altogether to prevent more serious diseases down the road.


Unfortunately, the traditional medicine system has been unable to come up with effective medications to prevent migraine. And in fact, many drugs, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs, can cause migraine attacks as side effects.


It’s therefore important (as with all diseases) to look at the underlying cause of migraine instead of focusing on the symptoms.


Emotional stress is a major trigger for migraine and headache. Who hasn’t experienced a migraine hitting on the exact day when you just couldn’t afford to be side-lined with a migraine?


This is why migraine is more common among people suffering high blood pressure and why mind body exercises such as yoga, meditation, bio-feedback and our high blood pressure exercise program have been proven to help tremendously with migraine sufferers.


What you eat is even more important than how you feel regarding triggering migraine. You probably already know about some types of foods that you simply can’t eat without paying for it.


When isolating a trigger food, it’s recommended to take out of your diet pretty much everything except basic, unprocessed foods for a week.


Then little by little add back in different foods and see how they affect you. However, this can be very complicated because foods may not trigger migraine unless taken in combination with other triggers.


Watch these 2 Videos –


Instant Migraine Headache Relief Pure Binaural Beats – REALLY WORKS | Stress Relief Binaural Beats


10 Foods To Avoid For Migraines


I’ve found the single most important migraine trigger to be oxygen deprivation in the first place. This is the reason why migraine is more common among those suffering sleep apnea, for example.


It’s also more common in cities with low or compromised oxygen levels. Oxygen deprivation triggers the inflammation in the brain that then again causes more oxygen deprivation.

Oxygen therapy (where people breathe oxygen from a tank) has been proven as a somewhat helpful method to treat migraine. The problem with oxygen therapy, however, is that it isn’t as effective once your migraine attack has started. It also doesn’t guarantee that the oxygen inhaled is actually delivered to the brain.


Tackling migraine and headaches, it’s important to address all above triggers (emotional, diet and oxygen) and eliminate them systematically. I’ve set up a system to do that in my very successful migraine and headache program. Learn more about that here


This post is from The Migraine and Headache Program, which was created by Christian Goodman. This program first explains how you can cure headaches and then gives you a simple, step-by-step approach to deal with it through easy exercises.


This program can free you up from the costly drugs and supplements which can pose adverse side effects. It enhances your brain’s oxygen level and gets rid of pain through exercises. Most importantly, it permanently treats your migraine and other types of headaches.


To find out more about this program, click on How to Completely Eliminate Migraine and Frequent Headaches


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