5 Best Natural Remedies to Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes

5 Best Natural Remedies to Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes - You can find various treatments to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. But here we will introduce to you, natural homemade treatments which you can do right now.
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You can find various treatments to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. But here we will introduce to you, natural homemade treatments which you can do right now.


Some people are more prone to the appearance of dark circles or puffiness in the eyes. The most common reasons for the appearance of them are mostly lack of sleep, stress and fatigue and they can interrupt our vision.


But if not treated, these bags under the eyes can cause inflammation because they start to build-up fluid and fat. And with this, the eye bags change color and start to be more visible. So if you want to get rid of these annoying dark circles you need to treat them on time.


But besides this there are many other factors that are the cause for this problem like it can be a side effect of drug consumption, sequelae, allergies or genetic factors.


If the dark circles are not treated on time, later they can only be removed with a small surgery and there is always a change that they will appear again later.


So if this problem is not chronic, recent or severe, you can try these homemade natural remedies which have showed to be more efficient for this issue than any other cosmetic products.


In this article we will give you the recipes for the top 5 natural treatments which only contain healthy and natural ingredients and are actually very easy to find.


Besides being cheap, these treatments can be used on every skin type (oily, dry, combination) and best thing is that they have no side effects.

These are the best treatments to eliminate the dark circles and bags under your eyes


So if you have eye puffiness due to insomnia, study or just partying the previous night, and you have something important the next day and have to see clear, these natural treatments can help you with that problem.


Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes #Tip 1 – Treatment with cucumbers


We have all seen this treatment with cucumbers in the movies and it actually works. This is highly efficient due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the cucumber. First cut the cucumber in 0.5 cm thick slices. Then put them on the eyelids untli they warm up and then replace them with new slices. You should do this for about 20 minutes and the results will be noticeable instantly.


Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes #Tip 2 – Treatment with goat or cow’s milk


First put the milk in the fridge. When it gets cooled, put two cotton balls in it and then apply them on your eyes. let them react for about 15 minutes and wash the eyes with some water. This treatment is one of the most effective and the easiest one of all.


Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes #Tip 3 – Treatment with sweet potato


This treatment is very helpful because the potatoes contain starch which has bleaching effect on the skin. On the other hand, the potato has a lot of water and it can be very helpful in moisturizing the skin and treating inflammation.


So in this treatments you will need to cut the potato in 1.5 cm thick slices and pit them for about 10 minutes in the fridge. Then put them on the eyelids and leave them for about 15 minutes.


Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes #Tip 4 – Treatment with green tea


Green tea has the ability to hinder water build-up, so if you consume it every day it will enhance the release of the toxins in the body and also prevent inflammation. It is recommended to consume 2 cups of green tea every day.


To eliminate the dark circles and bags under your eyes with the help of the antioxidants in the green tea, you need to take 2 green tea bags and put them in warm water, and then apply the bags on your eyelids and leave them some time.


Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes #Tip 5 – Treatment with apples


Apples have the ability to relax the muscles in the body, and they can be very helpful when your feel tense and tired after a difficult day.


First put one apple in the fridge to get cooled down, mix it together with one tablespoon of oats to make a thick paste. Then apply the paste all over your face and leave it to act for about 15 minutes. After wash your face with cold water.


More advices


  • If you are more likely to get dark circles and bags under your eyes, then you need to rest and sleep well in order to avoid this. The main factor for this issue is fatigue. You cannot eliminate the dark circles if you are not well rested.


  • You should try to avoid everything that can lead to water retention in the body like excessive consumption of salt and physical inactivity. Instead, eat foods rich in Vitamin A, C and E (all found in dark green vegetables)


  • It is also recommended to consume ate least 2 liters of water every day. If your body is hydrated it can prevent fluid retention, release the toxins and also ameliorate the health of the skin. In this way you will be able to remove the dark circles and bags faster. Also cut down on coffee consumption which can cause dehydration.


  • You need to take good care of your skin by using quality moisturizers and it is also important to provide good protection from damage by sun exposure.


  • Do not rub your eyes incessantly. A lot of people have this habit and they are not even aware that they are doing it. This is a very bad habit and it can damage and irritate the delicate tissues and also interrupt the treatments for the removal of the dark circles.


  • Do not overuse cosmetic products because they can cause negative effects and also cause inflammation around the eyes.


  • Stay out of the sun. We all want to look sun-kissed, but the sun can damage the delicate skin under your eyes more easily than other places, bringing on premature wrinkles and darkening the under-eye area. Remember to load up on the SPF and keep out of UV rays.


  • Lie on your back when you sleep. If you sleep on your face, you may find that you wake up with puffiness under the eyes, as fluid is more likely to build up there due to gravity. Sleeping on your back or with your head elevated could balance fluid retention and alleviate puffiness.


  • Wear a sleep mask. Though wearing an eye mask will not explicitly improve dark circles, they will improve your quality of sleep meaning you are more rested and so puffiness/darkness under the eyes is lessened.


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What Are The Causes Of Tonsil Stones?

What Are The Causes Of Tonsil Stones? Although the exact causes of tonsil stones are often difficult to determine, tonsil stones often occur when hardened matter builds up in small pockets on the tonsils' surface.
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Many individuals develop small, hard lumps on the surface of their tonsils. These pale-colored masses are commonly referred to as tonsil stones or tonsilloliths, and they can lead to irritation and other unpleasant side effects in some patients.


Although the exact causes of tonsil stones are often difficult to determine, tonsil stones often occur when hardened matter builds up in small pockets on the tonsils’ surface.


This build-up of debris is the result of harmful microorganisms, dead cells, mucus, and food particles accumulating around the back of the throat near the tonsils.


The tonsils are two oval-shaped lymphatic organs located on either side of the back of your throat. Each tonsil has an irregular surface with uneven crevices called the tonsillar crypts.


While the tonsils function in the trapping of harmful microorganisms to protect the throat, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract, they can also become clogged with excessive amounts of other materials.


Over time, these substances are broken down by salivary enzymes, leaving hard, calcified deposits behind. If this accumulation happens, the debris can become concentrated in white formations along the tonsillar crypts.


Studies demonstrate a correlation between individuals with tonsil difficulties and chronic post-nasal drip.


Additionally, tonsil stones tend to occur most often in people who experience chronic inflammation in their tonsils or recurrent episodes of tonsillitis.


Causes of tonsil stones may be due to allergies which lead to tonsil-stone formation, as the persistent strain on your immune system can reduce your tonsils’ ability to remove foreign materials.


For some people, causes of tonsil stones may be due to diet. For example, consuming large amounts of dairy products stimulates mucus formation, which can make tonsil stones more likely.


Also, other causes of tonsil stones may be due to alcohol and tobacco usage which dries out the mouth and throat, reducing salivary effectiveness and making your mouth prone to infection.


Finally, poor oral hygiene is also associated with tonsil stones, as high levels of oral bacteria indicate a greater chance of oral-health problems.


Tonsil stones rarely create noticeable symptoms, as they are usually small and easily overlooked in most patients.


If these masses grow particularly large and become solidified, however, you may experience multiple symptoms, such as chronic bad breath, swollen tonsils, a perpetually sore throat, earaches, visible white debris at the back of your throat, and difficulty swallowing. If this is the case, see your doctor.


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