Panic Away Success Story – Can Panic Disorder Be Cured Permanently?

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No More Panic Attacks in the Supermarket: Panic Away Success Story

One of our Panic Away members shared her amazing success story with us. She would suffer from panic attacks in the supermarket. When someone gets a panic attack in a certain place, they tend to avoid that place or situation. This won’t help your anxiety. Instead of avoiding the supermarket, she forced herself to go back. Read her story here:

 The last time I went to the supermarket I had a really bad panic attack. My daughter had to get me my tablets and some water and that was so I could stop shaking enough to drive home.

Well, I went today and I made myself go back to the same place again. I just said whatever happens, happens. And…. Nothing happened.

I did everything I needed to do. I felt a bit anxious so I just said to it, do your worst but I couldn’t even make it happen. I even stopped for a coffee to be sure, although I made sure it was a decaf one lol. Good progress for me, another fear overcome.

Sometimes we have to face our fears if we want to overcome them. This member went back to the place that caused her to get panic attacks and she accepted that she might get anxious when she arrives: ‘Whatever happens, happens’. She took control over the situation and overcame her fear. What a great success, congratulations. 

“I am waking up happy to live another day” – Panic Away Success Story

One of our Panic Away members has shared his success story with us. Blake was suffering from OCD, hypochondria, anxiety and panic attacks and it affected his happiness, relationships and enjoyment of life.

Through the Panic Away program he is now enjoying his anxiety-free life! Blake’s OCD is almost gone after only two weeks and his general anxiety levels have completely reduced! Continue reading if you would like to know more about this fantastic success story:

Hello Barry. I wanted to give you a huge thank you, and share my success story with you! My story began two years ago when I was 18 and fresh out of high school. I was a care free person who would of never thought I’d have an anxiety disorder! I started having which appeared to be a mild case of OCD that spiralled into a place in my life I never thought I’d be.

I would perform small rituals such as checking my wallet to make sure I had my credit card in there, checking to see if the door is locked, stove, etc. It got where I performed more and more rituals, and lead to another anxiety problem, hypochondria. One worry would lead to another, and I’d be trapped, in and out of rituals and worrying, The anxiety only got worse and worse. It affected my happiness, relationships and my enjoyment in life. About three months ago to this day, I had my first panic attack.

I started having a tingly sensation in my left foot. I figured my foot was just falling asleep. Than out of nowhere “bam!” I started breathing all weird. I quickly exited the classroom into the hallway. A few minutes later my girlfriend came out to check on me. I told her I think I am going to pass out. I started feeling unusual bodily sensations I have never experienced before. Lightheadedness, numbness, tingly sensations, you name it. I went to the E.R to find out nothing was wrong with me! I was so confused and already second guessing the medical test.

I was so certain there had to be something wrong with me.

My family did not understand and would get mad at me when I had one. “You just need to relax”, or say hurtful comments. Nobody understood what I was going through.

I came across Panic Away. I thought it was some scam, and figured it was one of those “overnight cures”. However, I always came back to your page and read the testimonials, and reviews for about two months.

I signed up for you’re free demo and emails. You seemed like you legitimately cared, and were being honest about everything. About two weeks ago, I ordered the program. I anticipated it every second until it came in the mail. When I popped the DVD in, I felt a wave of relief and happiness rush through me before even knowing anything. The book, and extra material were so helpful. I related to everything, and the intro where you described how a panic disorder and GAD develops was so similar.

It was just like you described my experience entirely. Just two weeks later, I am almost the old self that has been hidden in me for so long. I can drive my car, and am no longer scared of having an anxiety attack in one like I did a few times. I do not fear having a panic attack anymore, and even get excited when one is about to happen because I have all the right information to get through it, just like you said.

I am on the track to recovery, and have such a sense of daily calm. OCD is almost gone completely, panic attacks, and GAD is already gone! I am so relaxed and have never been so happy.

I am waking up happy to live another day closer to being 100% anxiety free, and I am almost there. For people currently living in dread of panic disorder, this may sound strange, but I am so happy I had that first panic attack three months ago, which felt like eternity. It made me address things and to live a healthier life, and appreciate it and be happier and brave than I have ever been!

That one hundred dollars I spent wasn’t just on a book, I bought my old self back. Thank you so much Barry for not being some Internet scam con man, and giving me myself back, and my life back! I am happier than ever, and it is all because of you!

The most important thing anxiety has taught me

On the forum we asked ‘What is the most important lesson you have learned since beginning Panic Away?’ Read on as Megan shares with us how patience and acceptance have been vital to her recovery from anxiety.

 The most important thing anxiety had taught me is patience and acceptance.

Treating an anxiety disorder is not a speedy, easy process. Since I’ve been using this program I have learned to accept myself as I am and trust that I am working my absolute hardest to get back to a peaceful existence.

Accepting and embracing my anxiety has been a very beneficial lesson to me. I am a more accepting person in other aspects in my life because of what I have learned about myself using Panic Away.

Along with acceptance, I have learned to be patient with myself. No one here deserves to be verbally abused- especially by yourselves. It has been so hard for me to kindly encourage myself to work hard at overcoming anxiety.

Being so harsh on myself was a nasty habit that needed to be broken, and I have anxiety to thank for that (in a weird, twisted way lol). Every day I tell myself that it is okay to work toward my goals at whatever pace I feel is comfortable. No more beating myself up if I feel like I’m not making progress fast enough.

It wasn’t until I learned these lessons that my anxiety started to drastically become easier to maintain. Although I still struggle with anxiety from time to time, I am overall a happier person because of my experience using Panic Away and am working hard to be a better me.

Congratulations Megan. True Acceptance is extremely difficult to achieve. It takes a lot of patience and time. Complete 100% acceptance of all that you feel is crucial for the anxiety symptoms to lessen and eventually fade away.

When we try to mentally push feelings of anxiety away, the feelings bounce back harder. You need to know that you have a choice. You can fight and resist anxiety or move to true acceptance of it and allow it to be present. 

When you move into a state of true acceptance of how you are feeling you create a gap for nervous system to calm and heal.  No longer allow yourself to be the passive victim waiting for anxiety to come, take control and change the way you think about it.

 By accepting, you are paradoxically healing your anxiety.

Watch this video – How to Heal Anxiety: A Panic Away Success Story

By Barry McDonagh, who is an international panic disorder coach. He created the Panic Away program to help people around the world deal with their anxiety and avoid panic attacks – a subject that he is personally attuned to because he himself found that he was prone to these issues since he was young. His hatred of his powerless lead him down the path of finding natural ways to treat himself without having to depend on expensive medications.

His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found here: Panic Away Success Story – Can Panic Disorder Be Cured Permanently?

Anxiety Management – How to Deal with Anxiety Thoughts Naturally?

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You heal anxiety with your heart not your head

If you know much about my work, you will know that I teach how acceptance, compassion, playfulness are qualities that heal anxiety.

Have you noticed that these all are qualities traditionally associated with the heart?

The reality is that:

You heal anxiety with your heart not your head.

Your mind can help you manage anxiety quite well. Through the sheer mental effort of changing thought patterns or employing distraction techniques, anxiety can be kept under control but not truly healed. When it comes to long-term recovery that is where your heart plays a vital role.

I am not just speaking metaphorically when I talk about the heart healing anxiety. I mean it on a physical/neurological level too.

The heart is so much more than just a blood pump. There is a complex neurological system of communication between the heart and the head where information is been sent back and forth all the time.

Most people are not aware that in 1983, the heart was reclassified as a hormonal gland. The heart produces several important hormones several of which are responsible for reducing the stress response. One of those hormones is called atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) and its job is to reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol.

Another hormone called oxytocin, commonly referred to as the “love” hormone” is also a powerful stress relieving hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels go up. Moments of empathy and compassion stimulate the release of the hormone, bringing about an anti-stress response.

By adopting an attitude of compassionate acceptance towards your anxiety you trigger the secretion of these stress reducing hormones. This helps cools the stress response and enables your nervous system to relax.

When highly anxious, the anxious part of your brain is trapped in an anxiety loop of fear feeding more fear.

When you adopt attitude of complete acceptance, control is shifted back to the rational part of your brain and the anxiety loop is broken (even if it’s just for a few short minutes).

A bit like a tuning fork, acceptance, compassion, playfulness (qualities of the heart) help synchronize the mind and body together. With that synchronization comes a greater peace of mind.

I want to now share a simple but powerful exercise to amplify the healing power of your heart:

Heart Exercise

1.   Start by taking some deep belly breaths.

Belly breaths are ones that lift your stomach instead of your chest.
Think if like you are breathing into down into your legs. Breathe in
until you feel full and hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out

2.   As you are breathing in, I want you to imagine a warm smile
forming across your chest. It is a big warm smile that spreads up to
onto the lips on your face as you breathe in fully.

3.   Hold for a few seconds and then as you breathe out I want you to
have complete acceptance for any anxious sensation that you feel.

So for example you might think:

In breath: Smile (imagined and on your chest spreading up to your face)
Out breath: I accept and allow the anxious feeling in my stomach.


In breath: Smile
Out breath: I  accept and allow this anxious feeling in my chest.

In breath: Smile
Out breath: I accept and allow the anxious thoughts in my mind.

4. As you do this exercise, become aware of the connection between your
head and your chest area. Imagine both areas are connected together by a chord.

You are going to continue the exercise for a minimum of five minutes. Anything shorter than five minutes will not get the desired stress reducing effect. (Of course please keep going with it for longer if you wish).

I know it’s really hard to smile when anxious but please try it for just 5 minutes and see how you feel.

The purpose of this exercise is to trigger a release of stress reducing hormones and create a better synchronization between your head and your heart.

The really great thing is that you can trigger the benefits of this Heart Exercise any time during the day, simply by smiling with your lips.

One smile will trigger the memory of the exercise and move you into a heart alignment in an instant.

Then anytime you are going about your day and feel a flash of anxiety, notice the anxiety and immediately smile.

Feel the smile on both your lips (and your chest). That will then trigger a calming response instead of an escalation of anxiety.

So if you think of nothing else


To learn how to deal with anxiety thoughts naturally, watch this video –10 natural remedies for helping anxiety and stress

By Barry McDonagh, who is an international panic disorder coach. He created the Panic Away program to help people around the world deal with their anxiety and avoid panic attacks – a subject that he is personally attuned to because he himself found that he was prone to these issues since he was young. His hatred of his powerless lead him down the path of finding natural ways to treat himself without having to depend on expensive medications.

His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found here: Anxiety Management – How to Deal with Anxiety Thoughts Naturally?